How To Prepare Yourself For Motherhood


How To Prepare Yourself For Motherhood


Nowadays most women are free to take the decision about the timing of baby. It is a welcome change from the times when relatives and friends made newlyweds feel weird by asking about baby all the time. With this positive change, a negative one has come too. More and more mothers keep thinking too much about the baby-issue. Yes for many women, babies become a cause of worry even before they conceive.


There is no use in putting of pregnancy if you love kids and want your own. Some mental preparation is need before you decide to have a baby and here is how you can tackle your doubts-

Baby and Hubby

No you don’t need to choose one. You can have both in an equally loving relationship. The focus definitely shifts to baby once you are pregnant and for long after delivery as well but that doesn’t mean that you will ignore your spouse. Talk about it with your husband and set priorities with mutual consent.

Baby and You

Many women worry that they don’t have it in them to be good mothers. How could you know this without experiencing motherhood? Rearing a child is a learning experience. You can learn from your parents, books and obviously can get to know a lot via internet. Your doctor will always be there to help you so stop doubting yourself.


Baby and Health

You need to stop worrying about your baby’s health. It is usual to worry about whether you will have a healthy baby or not. More often than not these doubts are baseless. Discuss your queries with your doctor and also talk about this issue with your partner.

If you take all the healthy food and medicines that your gynaecologist prescribes, there is every possibility that you will have a health newborn in 9 months.

Baby and Life

There is nothing much you can do about this. Yes. your schedule will turn upside down owing to baby’s erratic ways but this all is just a passing phase. You will get accustomed to such things soon and will forget some of it but will cherish most of it.

Baby and Body

OK, this is another change that is inevitable but is totally reversible. You will have a big bump for months. Then after delivery, you will have a bigger body most likely. But all these changes can be taken care of with regular exercising. Besides running around your little one will definitely help in cutting flab.

Baby and Budget

Babies will not skyrocket your budget if you are wise enough. Make sure that you read our post about the baby products  a new mom can do without . Spend only on the things that are necessary. Ask friends and relatives if they have some items that you can use for your baby. Babies do not care what you make them wear and about the design of stroller.

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