How To Prevent Seasonal Flu In Kids

How To Prevent Seasonal Flu In Kids

Hello Moms,

How are you all doing? More than anything I should rather say how are your munchkins doing? Well, its October already and the season is going to change very soon. That too abruptly giving you no time to prepare your little one for the upcoming winter season. One of the worst nightmares for the changing season is the Flu which is rapidly spreading. Kids being the easiest to fall sick.

Influenza is a communicable disease and usually spreads most in between the months of October-November &  March-April. Mostly when the season is in transition phase.  Usually the Flu virus keeps on evolving every year and so one cannot stay immune to it for a longer time. It needs to be prevented with more hygiene and care so as to reduce the chances of spreading!

Flu is mainly a viral infection which is a very common disease. It is more prone to children as their immune system is not so strong enough to remain immune to it for a longer time. Flu virus is mainly spread through the nose and the throat. So one needs to make sure that if any symptoms related to these two organs emerge, you need to act fast to prevent the disease. Otherwise it turns to be a serious condition for the kids as well as adults.

Influenza virus is mainly an air-borne disease and easily spreads through air contact. You need to be very careful if you have young kids at home who are mostly out in the open. Some of the most common symptoms of Flu are sudden fever episodes, muscle aches, fatigue, cold & cough, sore throat etc. If you notice any of these symptoms in your kid you need to consult your doctor for quick treatment before it completely weakens your kid’s body.

Well, mothers are particularly very preventive in nature and usually make sure to be all prepared to avoid any such sudden infections. Because it is rightly said that Prevention is better than cure and all mothers love to follow by the thought.

Well, there are some ways in which you can make sure your kid is fully immune to any such seasonal infections without hampering the day to day activities. Here are some ways in which you can prevent the seasonal Flu in kids. Read on to know how-

Avoid Infection-

The first thing you can do is to avoid anyone suffering from Flu to be in direct or indirect contact with the kid. Usually if a family member is suffering from Flu the child is usually an easy target. You should ask your kid to maintain a distance to avoid the spread of the disease.

Ensure Personal Hygiene-

Ask you child to keep their hands clean before eating or drinking anything. More than that teach them to use sanitizer in places like the school or play area before eating or drinking anything.

Nose & Throat Infections-

Coughing & sneezing are the common symptoms of influenza so make sure to cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. And also sanitize your hands after that otherwise the virus can transfer through door handles, utensils or the food you eat. So don’t share these things.

Disinfect the Linen-

Make sure that the kids wear clothes which are washed thoroughly with some anti-bacterial liquid so as to destroy any virus infection through clothes. Wash the bed sheets & comforters as well to avoid any prior infection to spread to your kid.

Build Up Immunity

Since these is an easily communicable air-borne disease, you cannot confine your kid all the time. You just need to build their immunity well for the seasonal changes. Feed them with anti-biotic like yogurt/ yakult and other nutritious foods to keep them stronger and immune to the Flu.

Give Ample Fluids

Make sure you child gets enough amount of fluids too specially during the seasonal changes as that is what keeps the metabolism active and

Most importantly, you need to take it easy and make sure you child gets enough rest and is also physically active with all these preventive measures. When you do the above mentioned things I am sure you would not have to worry much about any disease for that matter and let your child enjoy each day!

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