How To Protect Your Child From Negative Influences Of Television


By Nandini Aravind

How To Protect Your Child From Negative Influences Of Television

With rise of nuclear families and working parents, it has become a Herculean task to keep children busy at home. Also stay at home moms find it tough to engage their child since their up to their necks with all the cooking, cleaning, feeding & bathing to name a few tasks at home. To get work done we simply put our kid in front of the television.

It’s very important that we as parents consciously make an effort to protect our children from the negatives that watching a television brings and how to do that –



Limit TV time:

Now it is unrealistic to cut down watching TV all together, but you can limit the time spent on it. Stick to a couple of minutes in the morning, evening and night. Let the watch only their favorite shows and not any random cartoons airing on TV

Make informative and educational choices :

If you need to turn to the television as a temporary nanny then choose the right things to play on it. For example you can play a DVD with rhymes or alphabets and numbers. Even some shows on Baby TV are quite educational. In this way your child is occupied as well as is learning something helpful.

Don’t eat in front of the TV :

Does your child just plop herself onto the sofa in front of the TV as soon she wakes up and has her breakfast watching it. This needs to be avoided at all cost. This increases their screen time for the day. And so caused mindless munching of snacks or food which can later cause obesity

Get moving:

Instead of sitting in front of the television how about playing some music and letting your child dance to it. In this way they are entertained and also keep them off their butts. Try to get in on the action and join your child and make a fun family thing to do

Regulate your own TV viewing habits and set a good example:

This is difficult to do but if you do have an option then record your serial or movie you want to watch and do it while your child sleeps or is at school. In this way your kid won’t be exposed to adult subject matter. Remove any TV from your bedroom, be active in sports exercise and get your child to participate as well. In this way your beings good example and being active will be a boon to you as we’ll.

Involve your child at home:

If you need to get some work done around the house then be creative, get your toddler or child to help you. Toddlers and younger children love helping in household activities. If you are busy with cleaning then give your child a cloth too and ask to wipe her toys while you get the work done. While cooking you can give your child pieces of dough as you make chapatis.
In this way they will learn responsibility and it will keep them occupied too.

Watch with your child:

Sit together and watch TV, in this way you can explain what is happening on it and what is good or bad. During ads or commercials of junk food explain to your child exactly what it is and that it’s bad for her health. If they do persist then you always make them at home like mini burgers or French fries which are much healthy and hygienic.

It takes anything 30 days to become a habit, and with some dedication from your end you can achieve good television practices at home.

Hope you found this article informative and helpful mommies!

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