How To Recover Faster Post Delivery

How To Recover Faster Post Delivery


The Crucial 9 months are over and you have your precious bundle of joy with you.  A priceless feeling right? As a mom to a toddler I can’t compare this joy to anything else in the world. It’s an ongoing feeling of happiness and each day brings in something new and wondrous. However, post the baby’s birth not just their care and well – being but the mother also requires a lot of attention.

A woman’s body undergoes quantum changes during pregnancy and your body takes a toll. No matter how much you have wanted or looked forward to a little bundle you tend to get stressed out and you need to be prepared for it all to sink in. Feeling sad and blue is normal every now and then is perfectly normal during the initial months post –delivery, however you must bounce back fast enough as you have to look after your little one.



Most mothers feel that pregnancy itself is hard enough and they eagerly look forward to their baby’s arrival. They may expect to bask in all the love and celebrate the arrival of their loved one. However, it just gets really busy for them to enjoy quiet moments. They are undergoing a whirlwind of emotions of happiness, anxiety, sleeplessness; Commonly known as Baby Blues they are not at all uncommon.

Some important points which moms can easily apply in their lives post child birth and help themselves recover faster:-

Physical Changes

Your body doesn’t feel like yours anymore and you want it back. If for 9 months it has undergone serious changes, then give it at least that much time to get back to normal. Don’t push yourself and further damage it. Your body is sensitive and you need to be gentle with it.

Rest and Recoup

The initial months just as your baby needs rest to grow and develop, similarly you need to gather all the energy and strength to get back into a routine with your little one. They say rest when the baby rests, sleep with the baby. It may not always be possible but try and do it as often as you can.



Health and Regime

Getting back in shape can be a huge challenge. Do not prolong it. Start with smaller goals. It won’t get less hectic for you, try and incorporate a routine with your baby if you don’t have any help. Your baby is going to be with you 24/7 so using them as an excuse is just going to make it harder in the longer run. Being fit and healthy is not going to just make you active and efficient, it will also boost your self-esteem and enjoy motherhood.

Happy Inner Self

Above all remember to be calm and seek your inner peace. Being a mother changes you and for good. You tend to look at the bigger picture of being a better person. Challenges and hardships will keep coming, how we cope and come out of them is what counts.

The simple mantra should be To take care of yourself so that you can take care of others especially your baby. We all find our strengths and work on weak points. How did you cope after you became a new mom. Was it a joy ride or a bumpy one?

Share your thoughts, we would love to hear from you.

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