How To Reduce Toxins Exposure To Babies

Toxins Exposure In Babies

Let’s face it -When a baby is born, so is her mother. At least that’s what our scriptures say. But this reincarnation of the mother is completely different from the girl she used to be- careless and least bothered. Suddenly as a new mom you find yourself reading labels, worrying about germs, trying to protect your baby and buying all kinds of fancy products to ensure her safety.

However, there’s a catch to it.  Most of the stuff we won’t dream of deeming harmful is teeming with myriad versions of one toxin or other. In this post we try to elaborate on where those hidden chemicals lie and what are your alternatives to them.

 Food and its storage

 Commercially available baby food uses lots of preservatives and chemicals in order to ensure increased shelf life. The best thing you can give your child is homemade food. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s easy to make and store. All you need is blender, steamer/pressure cooker and fresh fruits, vegetables and grains.

Recommended :   Philips Avent Steamer and blender. It’s easy to use and comes with a cookbook.

If possible, opt for organic produce for baby since babies consume way more pesticides than adults because per pound body weight pesticide consumption is more. If organic produce is burning holes in your budget ,ensure you at least buy organic for dirty dozen  (apples,celery,tomatoes,peppers,nectarines,spinach,cucumber,grapes,potato,peach,strawberry and sweet bell peppers) since these vegetables and fruits absorb most of the pesticides.

Store food for baby in glass/steel instead of plastic. Plastics are known to leach phthalates in food.

Recommended:  Dr.Brown’s glass feeding bottle (Bit expensive), Mee Mee glass feeding bottle (affordable).

Dr.Brown’s glass bottles are available in very few stores, but Mee Mee glass bottles can be purchased from flipkart.



Our busy lifestyles don’t really make it easy for us to use cotton nappies day in and day out and perhaps that’s why disposable diapers’ business has grown manifold. However, consistent usage of diapers has been linked to lot of diseases since they contain a suspected carcinogen.

The solution is to go for cloth diapers. The initial investment is a bit hefty, but they prove cheaper in the long run and keep your baby’s bum happy.

 Recommended: Bumchum fitted range, Bumgenius 4.0 and Flip Hook and loop. Bumchum is available here  

If cloth diapers don’t work for you and you live in the west, lots of chlorine free diapers are available.

Recommended:   Seventh generation and Abena Bamboo. Abena Bamboo is 70-80% biodegradable and super absorbent too.

Toys for babies:-

Small babies know only one purpose of toys-putting them in mouth, so you would want to keep a serious check on what material they are made of. Stuff toys are a haven for dust and other airborne particles so avoid them for small babies. Rubber toys should be strictly avoided and if they are made of plastic ensure that the plastic is BPA free.

The best toys are those that are made of wood and cloth with less use of toxic dyes and paints.

Recommended:  Beginners shape size sorter   , Sevi Animal Train, Sevi Build up Truck. A range of wooden toys can be purchased from  many online sites.

Shampoos, Soaps and Babywash

Even though you might be in a hurry, ensure that whatever brands you are purchasing are parbens /sulphate free. I was surprised to find that most lofty brands in India are nothing but a storehouse of different chemicals.

Recommended :

Shampoo-Omved little one hair and bodywash, Burt Bee baby shampoo and wash, Chicco

Soaps: Omved mrudu bathbar, OG baby gentle soap, Rustic Art baby soap

Wipes For Babies:-

All commercial wipes contain a lot of chemicals. Least is sodium benzoate. Some contain parbens too. The alternative is to store makeup –removal cotton balls in a box and wipe the baby with them post   washing with warm water and soap.

These things no doubt take your additional efforts, but they help your baby in starting her life’s journey with least chemical exposure. The ground rule is – a bit of dirt harms your kid a lot more than a drop of a chemical.


How do you prevent your baby from toxin exposure?

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