How to Stop Fingernail Biting In Kids

How to Stop Fingernail Biting In Kids

Why do children bite their nails? Do you want to stop them? Fingernail biting is very bad habit because it exposes your child to excessive microorganisms that causes dangerous diseases. Hence, today in this article we are telling you some tips which are helpful for your child in fingernail biting.

Fingernail biting is very common habit in kids.Many kids put their hands in their mouth after touching various surfaces like doorknobs, handling animals, going to bathrooms, and playing outdoors. Therefore they can catch some infections like diarrhea, colds and pinworms.

Most of the parents have the same question that why they do this. The answer is not known exactly but some says kids may bite their nails because they are feeling uneasy or nervous or getting bored or want to see what will happen.

Tips to stop fingernail biting in kids:

Now, here we are giving some essential tips that are useful for the kids to stop biting their nails.

1. Keep your child’s nails neat and clean:

Regularly file as well as clip your child’s nails so that would not chew them. Always bring a nail file with you. Motivate your child to wash his hands later playing outdoor or handling animals and going to bath room.

2. Increase calcium intake:

In case calcium deficiency also responsible for child’s nail biting problem. Hence involve calcium rich foods in your kid’s diet. Mostly calcium is found in nuts and seeds, leafy green vegetables, dried fruits and dairy products.

3. Identify triggers:

Closed observed your toddler and record the time of the day when he bite his nails, it could be boardroom, stress or watching television, before mealtime. And do such things which spring to mind. Closely observe the toddler for numerous days to identify the patterns.

4. Substitute another activity:

If you notice boredom or stress in your child then try different activities in which mostly hands are used. The first thing which came into mind is squeezing a rubber stress ball. These could be drawing, putting together puzzles, crocheting or weaving or playing with small hand toys, worry beads, tube cleaners, balls or flat stones. You should have to take lot of care because when you select extra activities as many of these have possible to grow into frustrating habits.

5. Use positive strengthening:

Explain your child that nail biting is bad and you know that it’s hard but become confident about your child that he can do it. Read a book about a child who positively stops biting her nails. Give him relaxation when she needs it and admire her for not biting. You can also deal with prizes, such as labels on a calendar for every day if he doesn’t bite her nails. It really works.

6. Band-Aids around nails:

This is also one of the best options to stop fingernail biting. You have use band -aids round the nails as well as stickers optical reminder for them to save those fingers out of their mouth. There are many counter nail biting inhibition products are available in the market. A nail paint having bad taste is also offered and it ensures your child to stop biting their nails when stuffed on the nails. The ingredient involves cayenne pepper hence apply with carefulness on young children.

7. Use reminders on her fingers:

If she bites her nails at expected times, like when she’s watching TV or sitting in the car, you can put cotton gloves on her hands at those times. For girls, the potential of manicures can often be a good enticement to evade nail biting.

8. Chew gum:

I think all children love chew gum and this is also helpful in avoiding nail biting in kids. Many kids have habit to keep their hands in their mouth and touch the lips. It is very beneficial to keep the lips and mouth moving that means busy that prevents nail biting.

Hence, these are some best tips that are helpful to stop the fingernail biting of your child. I hope you enjoy this article and find this very beneficial and informative.

Have you tried any thing else to stop you kid from biting finger nails?

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