Immunity Booster Drink Recipe For Kids

Immunity Booster Drink Recipe For Kids

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Well, today I thought of sharing something useful for all the moms which is Immunity booster drink recipe for kids keeping in mind the scorching summers are just about to come in its full glory and all the mothers would have only one concern as to how to keep their babies & toddlers protected from harsh climate outside and how to strengthen their immune system so as to let them have a natural barrier against such extreme conditions!

So I have some really great suggestions for you all and I will also list out the detailed recipes of all these immunity booster drinks which you can try giving to your tiny toddlers!

Shikanji / Sweet Lime Water

One of the most concerning things during this changing season of summers is the lack of hydration in the body which cause extreme weakness & makes the body more susceptible to infections & viral fever! When the body gets dehydrated, it cannot replenish the minerals & energy boost required by the body for normal functioning.


  • Water
  • Lemon Juice (Lemon)
  • Sugar
  • Black Salt
  • Fresh Mint Leaves
  • Crusher + Lemon squeezer

Sipping the lime water with small amounts of crushed mint leaves is great to give a refreshing cool sensation to normalize the body temperature during the summer afternoons!


Another great drink for your child is the good old Buttermilk which you must have seen your elders having after each meal. Well, buttermilk consists of a right ratio of water & curd which hydrates the body and also promote better gut functionality which in turn helps in boosting the metabolic functions overall improving the immunity of the body!


  • Curd
  • Water
  • Cumin Powder (Roasted cumin blended to powder)
  • Black Salt

Recipe: Just add the ingredients together till everything blends thoroughly and serve chilled!

Buttermilk is prepared with equal portions of curd & water blended thoroughly along with black salt as per taste! Cumin powder is an essential ingredient for buttermilk which works well in boosting the healthy functioning of the gut!

Orange Juice

Orange juice is one of the highest source of vitamin C which is also essentially known to boost energy levels in the body and provides nourishment in its pure and pure organic form. A glass of orange juice in the morning breakfast for your kid is great to give that kick of high energy and it also promotes better digestion which is a very common problem in growing kids.


  • Orange Pulp (Ripe oranges)
  • Sugar
  • Black salt (as per taste)

Recipe: Orange juice is very easy to prepare! Just take ripe oranges & peel them and blend the pulp in a juicer! Strain the mixture and add sugar to make it apt for drinking for kids! Sprinkle a pinch of black salt for the tangy punch!

Aam Panna

Aam panna is more of a summer drink which is highly effective against the local hot winds called “Loo” which drain the body completely and leave it dehydrated and weak. Drinking this special drink during the summers when kids have to attend school in the scorching heat, saves them from heatstroke, deadly dehydration & viral fever. You can easily prepare it at home and serve to your kids all through the summer season.

Ingredients needed for Aam Ka Panna-

Method Of Preparation-

You may directly boil the raw mangoes or alternatively roast them on medium flame. The mangoes can also be chopped and boiled for making the panna. Now after boiling the mangoes properly extract the pulp and mash it properly in a bowl. Adding one cup of water to the mixture, boil it again for a while.

Let the mixture cool down for  few minutes. As it cools down add black salt, sugar & mint leaves to it and puree the mixture properly. Take the mixture in a big bowl or jar and add the rest of chilled water to it and stir thoroughly.

Now add cumin seed powder & black pepper powder to it and mix well stirring continuously. Aam panna is ready!

Well, these were some of the best immune boosting recipes for kids which you can try preparing and prevent so many seasonal infections & health issues with young kids!

Have you tried any of these Immune Boosting Drink Recipes before?

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