Importance Of Calcium In Pregnancy

Importance Of Calcium In Pregnancy


Women always need more calcium compared to men but calcium becomes even more important when you are pregnant. Baby takes up calcium from your body. It is essential to build bones, teeth and muscles of baby. Calcium also helps in blood-clotting. It also plays an important role in proper nervous function and maintains heart rhythm.


All this shows that if you don’t take calcium in required quantity then not only your body will become weak but also your baby will not be strong.

Required amount of Calcium for Pregnant Ladies

If you take proper amounts of calcium regularly then you do not need any excess dosage of calcium during pregnancy. The normal needed calcium for a woman is 1000 mg per day. Doctors will check your calcium levels and prescribe the required dosage if you are lacking in it.


Eating calcium rich foods like milk, cheese and yougurt regularly takes care of your calcium needs. Green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and other leafy greens are full of calcium. Seafood is also a good calcium-source.

Role of Vitamin D

Body absorbs calcium only when you take vitamin D in your diet. We all know that sunlight is the best source of this vitamin. Besides you can also get vitamin D from fortified milk, eggs and fish. Sometimes doctors also give vitamin D powders.

Calcium Supplements

Generally you need calcium supplements only when you do not take calcium rich food. Doctors may suggest calcium supplements depending on individual cases. Never take calcium or any other supplement without consulting a doctor.

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