Indian Mom Handling New Born In Germany

 By Nandita Gupta

How to handle a new born when in Germany

Whether it is India or Germany, motherhood brings lot of joys and surprises.

Dear Indian mommies,

There is nothing to get scared and worried for even if you are sitting abroad far away from your home town. Because if you are in Germany during your pregnancy, you are probably at the best place to deliver your newborn! You will find a highly developed and organized health care system which ensures the best possible care for you and your newborn.

It’s well known fact that a lot of care, expertise and safety is needed to take care and handle a newborn baby. In India after delivering a baby there are many families who follow the traditional practice of hiring Dai or Maid to take care of their new born baby from the very first day of his/her life. This is a crucial facility which most Indian families may really miss when staying abroad during this special time of their life.

Now similar to India, Germany too offers different courses after and before delivery for mothers to understand and learn handling of their new born baby. These many courses are taught by hospitals or through Hebammes or a midwife (commonly referred in India as ‘Dai’). In Germany, Hebamme is a professional person for taking care of your child in the initial weeks of the life. Many courses like Geburtsvorbereitung or Baby massage are well organized by hospitals to teach and make every mom comfortable handling of the baby. As the course ends it is really easy for mothers to be to handle their newborn.

Being a mother is a 24×7 tiring job and it is really hard for women to handle a baby alone for the whole day. Definitely at some part of the day mothers need a companion or friend to take care for their child which is supported in India by the relatives in joint family or by grandparents in the house. But now as most of the families are nuclear and are staying in different cities in that case it’s a hard time for the new parents. Well, nothing is impossible now a days and not only in Germany but India too has a concept of day care which is so popular among most Indian families.

In Germany, a tagesmuetter and Kita (Day care) facilities are offered for a child aging from 0 months to 3 years of the baby to support families or the working and career oriented mothers. These facilities are spending special time (Eingewohnung) with the babies and family members for creating a bond with the baby. The well trained professional’s women’s really take care for the small babies for the whole day. Many families enjoy these reliable and comfortable facilities given in every region of the German cities. With all these practices and courses it is really easy for a foreign family to stay and enjoy their living in Germany.

Do share your experience of motherhood.

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