Infancy – The First Month

Infancy – The First Month

Babies are a blessing. There is no doubt about it, but there are times when things just go over board and out of hand. During the first few days of a baby’s birth, they are fairly sleepy and do not need frequent feeds. A week later and things change. Their pattern of feeds, sleep and enthusiasm to communicate.

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The first month with our little one was a roller coaster ride. She can’t speak to us and explain what she wants and we can’t translate what she is trying to say. Along with this I had to deal with my health because I underwent a C-Section. Kapil and I both struggled to understand her because we are first time parents. It is here that older and experienced people came in with their valuable comments and suggestions.

Let the second week pass and there is a kind of fussy crying that develops. When our little one cried I used to cry because I would feel so frustrated and helpless. Sometimes an entire night would pass this way and I had no clue why she was upset. It really makes your heart ache because there is really nothing we can do….

At this time feeding is the only thing that soothes the baby. You can recognice when the baby will be hungry because along with her crying she will suck her fingers if her hand comes in contact with her mouth. After the first week she settled into a pattern of feeds every 2-3 hours. It becames quite hectic and it really took time to get used to because as an adult I was used to a certain pattern of life and 8 hours of nightly sleep.

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Breast feeding is that miracle of God which really bonds the baby with the mother. It is the only thing that will pacify the baby at this point in time. When you start breast feeding there is a secretion that your body produces called COLUSTRUM. It contains fat, proteins and sugar which help the growth of infant. It also increases the immunity of the baby. In my case because of the C-Section baby was fed powdered milk. It is a cumbersome task because you have to sterilize the bottle and warm up the water, measure the powder, test the temperature and all. I hardly had the engergy to spare in the first month on all that. I only feed her my milk now and each day as I recover it gets easier on my body.

Babies usually sleep for 17-20 hours a day during the first month. There is no regular pattern of eating or sleeping yet. Sleep is the most natural thing for a baby and they sleep curled up, with their fists tightly clenched just like in the womb. there are babies who sleep even less. Many of my friends have complained about it. In my case the blame lies with me because during my pregnancy slept less than what was required. Initially I remember looking at the clock at 2 a.m. and waiting for it to strike 5 so that I could go and hand her over to my mum. Now, I am used to the sleepless nights but earlier it was a fight. My body needed sleep and my mind had to lie awake to attend to the child. It is unavoidable and we all have to face it. One day she slept throughout the night and I lay awake till dawn thinking she might get up :P. It’s your body’s inbuilt mechanism… it knows when its time to get up.

Of late I realised my baby has started to recognise sounds. They do by the time they are 2-3 weeks. Some sounds like the whistle of the pressure cooker really scare her. She turns her head towards the direction of the sound. I am sure she also recognises my voice and so I know that talking to her as much as I can will make her feel secure. Did you know babies can focus on an object that is no further than 8-12 inches. That is why they are generally fixated on things for a long time.

Everyday baby has a 20 minute massage with olive oil. It is a must and the lady who massages her has taught me a lot with respect to the entire bathing process. Her massage is followed by a lukewarm water bath. At this stage of infancy bathing has to be done with the utmost care. The baby has no control over her movements and is wobbly all over. Hold the baby in such a way such that the neck and head are straight and supported and not lolling to one side. Take care to see that water doesn’t get into the ears and soap doesn’t get into the eyes.

This past month has been more than I expected. Endless bouts of crying for hours on end and trying times with my health and adjusting to a new ‘Mother’ schedule sometimes make me feel trapped and stuck. Then I realise that is part and parcel of parenthood. Everyday I learn new things and I have also learnt to accept that this is how life is going to be. It will be a life that revolves around our little girl. A life for her…

These days I enjoy watching her smile in her sleep and I am waiting for the day when her smile will be directed specially at me. As I wait for that I know in my heart that nothing can compare to the joy of hearing her call out to me…call for me, me and only me “Mam ma”.

What did you do or avoid in the first month of infancy? Do share your experiences with us.

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