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When babies cross the age of first year, it normally becomes easy to feed babies. Easy in the sense, there are a variety of healthy options that can be included in the baby’s diet chart. For babies below one year, there are very few options in their diet.

I have an easy instant recipe of corn flakes to share with you all. This is my daughter’s daily demanded time pass bowl. And I find this one easy option too when I am traveling.

I stuff in the below items in to my toddler’s bag when I am travelling:

  • a couple of sealed bottles of pasteurized ready to use milk,
  • a small pouch of sugar, cardamom  and cinnamon powder,
  • not so ripened bananas,
  • apple.



A fold able knife is of course needed.

Chop the one-fourth of the apple into fine pieces. Making tiny pieces is a must. Else, apple demands much chewing and toddlers have no much patience when it comes to chewing. My daughter will not finish her bowl if it involved much of chewing. So, one-fourth apple is more than needed.

Half of the banana will do to be included in the bowl. Make pieces of banana too.

Add a pinch of grounded cinnamon. Add half spoon of cardamom powder.

One fist full of corn flakes and half glass of warm milk on top of all these flavouring items will complete the bowl.

I also add a little of MTR Badam milk powder. It is up to your child’s favourite flavours that can be added. You can add dates pieces or syrup, or roasted dry fruits.



I hope you will try this.

What do you like to give to your babies while travelling?


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