Interesting Posts This Week On Wise She Baby Blog

Interesting Posts This Week On Wise She Baby Blog

Hello Mommies,

How are you all and your little ones doing these days?

Well, my toddler kid is enjoying her days and recently had her first experience of a Halloween celebration in her play school and she was really excited about it.  It is really great to see so many parents enthusiastic about their kids activities. Well, today I bought some of the interesting posts on Baby Blog which you might not like to miss. Here they go-

10 Baby Halloween Costumes You Should See

I had a really fun time dressing up my daughter in a witch dress and she didn’t look even close to that! :-p So here is a great post on some of the must see costumes for kids for Halloween which are really attractive and make your kiddo a surely well dressed champ for the Halloween Party.

You can even take ideas from these dresses and incorporate with your own kid’s Halloween themed party when they start going to school.

Which one is the most scary and creative dresses out of these mommies?

5 Baby Milk Powder Recipes

Maitri brings and interesting post on what recipes can be prepared from Milk powder as some kids are intolerant towards cow’s milk till a considerate age and also the formula milk powder consists of essential nutrients and ions which are really great for the kids growth and proper development.

Dahi Vade Recipe For Toddlers

Another interesting post to share is the easy dahi vade recipe which I tried for my toddler daughter. I just made the vade recipe and she really liked it. The recipe is healthy and uses the goodness of Moong dal which we already know is so healthy and has high protein content for the proper development of growing kids.

This recipe is also unique in one respect as many toddlers don’t like to eat pulses in cooked form so this is a n easy way to ensure that the required amount of protein is easy consumed by them without even letting them know about it!

I hope you like these interesting posts and do try making the recipes mentioned above! I will be back with more interesting posts again!

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