Interesting Posts To Read On Baby Blog : Burts Bees Lotion, Shape Sorter Video

Interesting Posts To Read On Baby Blog

Hello Mommies,

Today I will be sharing the interesting posts on Baby Blog which are really worth checking out keeping in mind the changing climate in many parts of the country.

Burts Bees Baby Bees Nourishing Lotion Review

Zara reviewed this interesting product for baby skincare and here is a brief about this nourishing lotion from Burts Bees.

Original lotion now provides clinically-proven moisturization up to 24 hours to keep your baby’s skin soft. This buttermilk lotion is also free of synthetic fragrances, just like the entire Baby Bee line, for your peace of mind.

The cream is milky white and very emollient. It takes time to absorb into the skin so its perfect during dry seasons or if your kid has dry skin.

The lotion is quite moisturizing enough and hardly requires any re-application.

Skillofun Shape Sorter : Teaching Shapes To Toddlers

An interesting learning game for kids is this Wooden game from Skillofun which is really helpful in making the kids learn the different geometrical shapes.

Teaching toddlers about these shapes is not an easy task that can be done by pen & paper. It surely requires practical knowledge and this is what this shape sorter does wonderfully.

It is made of wooden material and goes a long way up to 2 years so that your toddler easily learns the names of these nine different shapes which are needed at the elementary level.

You can buy this shape sorter toy from here .

This is really a fun way to make them engaged in a learning activity without getting them bored as they find it interesting to sort the particular shapes and when asked will surely be able to pick up the shapes you are asking them.

I have attached the video along to help you get an idea of this wooden learning game.

5 Warm Food For Toddlers This Winters

Child care during winters is one of the main concerns for mothers of toddlers as they are sensitive to the changing environment and tend to get easily affected by the sudden fall in temperature and fall ill quite often due to this.

Ritika shared an interesting post on the best warm food suggestions for toddlers which every new mother should be aware of so as to make their kids immune towards the seasonal changes in climate and also to be protected from the chilly winter season.

A winter specific diet is a great way to make your kid stand strong against the cool weather. The post describes about the various food suggestions which are perfect for the winter season for toddlers.

I hope you liked these interesting posts from the baby blog. I will be coming again with some other interesting reads again!

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