Introducing First Food

I introduced food to my baby for the first time when she was around 4 1/2 months old. She was keeping me awake whole night for  my feed and that time my doc advised me to start with some semi liquid diet. He first had an opinion that I should keep my baby on breast milk for six months but this some how never looked possible for me as my baby was taking lot of my milk and it was getting inconvenient for me to feed her for long hours.

It’s such an awwwww feeling when one introduce food to the baby.In India there are lot many beliefs which now doctors are not advising now.For example, giving baby cow milk is not advised where as 80% of us were raised on cow’s milk.Similarly salt and sugar too is not advised now till baby is one year old.

In many of our customs baby first food is supposed to be rice but I followed the pediatric resources and introduced sweet potato to her .One can also introduce avocado, banana also as all these are healthy and nutrition food and are easy to digest and contain Vitamins, fats, minerals which are important for a growing baby.

After 3-4 days I have her mashed apple and then introduced steamed carrots .I initially mixed the new food with my milk and slowly when she got adjusted to the taste I started mixing them with formulae milk and the process is turning out to be great.Every day I keep thinking , asking friends and family and browse around to introduce new food to my baby.I don’t want to make her a fussy eater and wants her to eat and every thing like me.My mom says that I can eat any green thing which adjust on earth.This is some where true because in my effort to maintain weight I have accustomed myself to eat anything to keep myself healthy and fit

I also noticed that giving baby food as his/her first meal is best because that is the time when they are not cranky.I also tried banana as it has mucosal properties which coats the tummy and helps in digestion.They are sweet in taste  but some how she didn’t liked it much and preferred sweet potato and carrots over it.Whenever she refused  banana I didn’t force feed her  as I don’t want her to hate her meal time instead I tried mashed banana again after a week and she did have few spoon .

With this I also learnt how important it is to feed the baby with a soft baby spoon .I always thought that those were just fancy things.

It’s so easy to give your baby pre packged  food but making your own food for baby is so much fun and economical.Babies will follow the diet which their family follow and if we start with pre packaged stuff then they will prefer the same.I am not going to completely refrain my child from pre pakaged food but certainly will try other things as well which are fresh and home made.

I am going to show you some of the food recipes which I am planning to introduce to my baby as she is in her six month now.I have always loved cooking and slowly getting back to it for my baby.

How about you.Do share recipe of the baby food which you gave your baby initially 

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