Is It Possible To Have A Backache Free Pregnancy

Is It Possible To Have A Backache Free Pregnancy


In most cases the answer would be a ‘No’. Backache is integral to pregnancy as there are drastic changes in body. Before you feel all pensive let’s examine the causes of backache during pregnancy-

Hormonal Changes

During pregnancy, female body produces a hormone called relaxin which helps in making the joints loose so that the body is ready for the delivery. It often results in loosening of spine which shows through pain in the back.



Weight Gain

Sudden weight gain always puts pressure on body and pregnancy is no different. The weight of the baby puts a lot of pressure on pelvis and spine which manifests in pain.

Changes in Posture

As your shape changes, the body’s centre of gravity shifts too. This causes a change in posture and strains the back.

Mental Stress

This may also cause backache. Anxiety tends to stress muscles of back and cause pain.

Besides back women may also experience pain in legs, ribcage and shouldres. Lower back pain is most common while upper back may also experience ache sometimes.

How to get rid of Backache during Pregnancy

These are some tips that you can follow to reduce pregnancy backache-


  • Exercise – The best way to deal with backache is exercising. Walking is the best and easiest exercise but your doctor may also suggest cycling and swimming depending on your condition.
  • Rest- It is very essential for both physical and mental health. Do not carry heavy things.
  • Posture Improvement – You need to work on your posture. Always keep your back straight while sitting or standing. Always wear comfortable footwear.
  • Massage Ask your doctor and get some gentle massage done on your back. You can get it done at your home by a family member but always follow doctor’s instructions. It also warms up body and gives relaxation. You can also use a warm water bottle for some much needed warmth on the back.
  • Pillows – You can also try making yourself comfortable using pillows when you lie down on bed. Specific maternity pillows are also available in the market and you can give them a try as well.

If you are experiencing backache beyond tolerance then consult your gynecologist immediately.

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