It’s Your Body Stretch Mark Cream Review

Mothercare It’s Your Body Stretch Mark Cream 

When I disclosed my pregnancy news to Rash she was over joyed with happiness and with in a week she sent me a huge gift pack consisting of  multiple mother care products. Ofcourse it has a lippi also as a gift  too Rash will always be Rash :D. As I was just one and half month pregnant, the idea of applying stretch mark cream didn’t creep in but when she sent me the cream, I started using it  diligently.


About It’s your body stretch Mark Cream:-

Mother care understand the effect having a baby has on your body, just as we understand the amazing changes having a baby brings to your life .We have created it’s your Body Stretch Mark cream, specially formulated with sweet almond oil and shea butter to help soothe and moisturise the skin.Regular use of this soft cream helps to improve skin elasticity and minimise the risk of the stretch marks that may appear during pregnancy.


How To Use Stretch Mark Creams:-

Gently Massage the cream into the skin twice a day in a circular motion, paying particular attention to the abdomen, thighs, waist and breasts avoiding the nipple areas.


I wont say I was completely committed to the product in the sense that company instructed it to be used twice a day which I didn’t follow but I managed to complete one and half tube of the stretch mark cream. I re purchased this in my sixth month if I remember correctly. In between I also applied Body Shop Body butter and Baby oil but that was very rarely used.I skipped body shop body butter as I wasn’t sure of the ingredients present in it.

Now I am just few weeks due and I barely have stretch marks .I do see slight lines but they are almost negligible. I have read that stretch marks are genetic and my mom has no stretch marks what so ever so that can be one of the reason of my skin not suffering from the problem but I myself feel that this product did help me in preventing them.

Cream has a sweet almond smell and takes 2-3 minutes in getting absorbed into the skin .It will suit sensitive skin and ofcourse it won’t affect the baby in anyway.It’s a little thick in consistency and in summers I don’t enjoy applying it but It’s my Body and I love taking care of it.

Stretch marks have to be taken with a pinch of salt but if proper care is given from the first trimester they can definitely be prevented to some good level.

Did you suffer from Stretch Marks in your pregnancy.What Stretch Mark Cream has worked best for you ?


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