Just About Everything Important About First Trimester Baby Developmen

First trimester baby development is where new life really starts.

Let’s first clarify a few things…

Three pregnancy trimester periods make up your pregnancy period. These are…

  • First Trimester Pregnancy: From conception to 12 weeks,
  • Second Trimester Pregnancy: 13 weeks to 27 weeks,
  • Third Trimester Pregnancy: 28 weeks to delivery

The growth of a baby in her mother’s womb is an extraordinary event, when a series of morphological changes gives a small fetus, a definite shape and a lovely figure. While the baby is growing in your womb, Nature has provided her an ingenious way, by using which she can sustain herself and grow into a healthy body.

First Trimester Baby Development: Conception to 12 weeks

Baby development starts right from conception, when a highly motile sperm impregnates a highly fertile egg. At this initial stage, the sperm penetrates the ovum and fertilizes it to create a small node like cell mass called zygote. This little zygote takes three to four days to reach the warm and cozy environs of the uterus. All these significant developments will be carried out within the first two weeks and this process lays the foundation for the creation of a beautiful baby.

Throughout the fourth week, there are a series of developments within the uterus. The embryo may float in the uterus for more than 48 hours, before implanting onto the walls of uterus. Once there is a confirmed connection between the embryo and the uterine wall, a highly sophisticated tool called placenta, starts developing to connect embryo and the uterus. This is often called the lifeline for the undeveloped baby, as it is the root through which life support is provided to the unborn baby.

By about the sixth week of pregnancy, the embryo reaches about 1/5th of an inch and a primitive heart develops and starts beating. Several organs like head, mouth, liver and embryo will also start developing at this time.

Well into the eighth and tenth week of pregnancy the embryo becomes quite larger in size (1 inch) and several facial and limb features become visible under an imaging machine. At this stage the baby can perform several activities all related to the nervous system.

Stated differently, first trimester baby development surely is the basis of new life.

Second Pregnancy Trimester: 13 weeks to 27 weeks

The second pregnancy trimester is a phase of consolidation, when all the external and internal organs start stabilizing into a well organized and cohesive unit. Throughout the weeks fourteen and twenty-two, the fetus develops into a strong and virile body and performs several actions and functions like beating hands, moving limbs and clenching the fist.

It is also easy to notice the development of other critical organs like finger nails, toe nails ands eye lids. The tiny tot can move and shift her body, limbs and hands with a considerable ease.

Third Pregnancy Trimester: 28 weeks to delivery

The third trimester is a critical phase when the baby development involves growth and development of all organs – both internal as well as external. The baby can even cry. At this critical stage your baby develops the ability to sustain the rigorous environmental conditions of outside world. This pregnancy trimester also marks the end of the nine months growth period. At the end of this period your baby is ready to face the outside world and lead a happy life with her mother and father!

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