Keeping The Skin Healthy While Expecting

By Rhea

Keeping The Skin Healthy While Expecting

Pregnancy is probably the toughest yet the most beautiful part of the journey of womanhood. I am sure most of you who have had the privilege to become a mother would agree. The time was tough but since the end result was good in the form of an angel from God, it is all worth it.

Tough – might tell you that I am referring to the labor pains, a woman goes through during the time of delivery. No! I am referring to the pain along with the 9 months of worrisome time that a woman combats in order to fight the battle. The healthy lifestyle that a woman needs to keep during the 9 months and beyond is often compromised in the light of inability and busy chores.

Often women find it hard to be generous to their skin during this time due to an urge to not do anything or mood swings or whatever you may call it. But as it is said, it is always necessary to maintain your skin equivalent to your body to ensure a complete care.

We can do simple things to keep our skin healthy during the period to avoid much damage and I am going to share it right here with you. Start Immediately!

Healthy Diet

The obvious solution to every problem is a healthy diet. Don’t think it is only for your baby but it is for your own self. Healthy diet is the root cause for every good skin you see.

Focus on the foods rich in Vitamin A and C as they are good for your skin and as well as for your child’s development.

Water Intake

One must keep water levels balanced during pregnancy is what we all know. We are aware that a female must maintain enough water balance to keep the fetus floating well. But then, why do we ignore that water is also needed for good health of our skin during these days when we are mostly lazing out or not feeling like doing anything. Always have a regime of drinking enough water during the day.


During pregnancy, you are already on the verge of changing your life forever. You are now no longer going to be thinking about yourself alone and you would need to lose your sleep for the new life that you would get into this world. So I guess the best time to rest is while you are expecting and not supposed to do any heavy or tiring tasks. Always rest for good 2-3 hours during day time apart from an 8-10 hours’ sleep which is what the doctors also prescribe for would be mothers.

Avoid harsh cosmetics and toiletries

Apart from natural methods like food, water and sleep, we must avoid using heavy dosage of harshness on our body. Avoid using drying cosmetics like too much of foundation or makeup as it may harm your body oils. We are already on heavy medicines during this time which already is enough for our body to feel secreted with water. Having more drying products would act as the aggravation factor, so we better avoid it. Also, soaps and moisturizers that you use should also be mild and soft. As these would help you prevent scratching on any kind of itching which might lead to stretch marks. In case you are already feeling itching, stop immediately and consult your doctor for stretch mark removing creams.

I hope these suggestions help you sail through smoothly.

Have you tried these skincare tips?

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