Leap Frog My Pal Scout Learning Toy Review

Leap Frog My Pal Scout Learning Toy

Remember whwn we were kids and toys were so simple? We had Legos…kitchen sets, doctor sets, Rambo kits..and those were deemed fancy by our parents who played gilli danda and Marbles as kids….But toys for this new generation of kids breaks all our notions of fancy! They are so hi-tech that parents need to first learn them before handing it over to the kid.

This toy, My Pal Scout from Leap Frog is one such hi-tech toy that every parents will gawk over and every kid will drool over.

About Leap Frog My Pal Scout:

On the paws of Leap Frog My Pal Scout there are embroidered symbols of different features. You can press them and listen to different sounds.

Price: INR 2609.You can buy from flipkart here

How does it work:Leap Frog My Pal Scout Learning Toy :-

1. By pressing the right arm paw you can listen sentences which help the child learn to distinguish emotions, colors and words.

2. The left arm paw has music notes and you can listen to an upbeat song, as well. There are seven songs with lyrics which are played in a different order and there are also three instrumental tunes. With toddlers the songs are very popular because they like the music, and as they grow they can also sing the songs.

3. On the right foot paw there is a stars/moon symbol that give you soothing songs that are ideal for children to fall asleep. You can press it once and listen to two minutes of music or you can press it twice and listen to five minutes of music. You can also listen up to ten minutes of music so that your child will fall asleep listening to music. There are some pre-installed songs on LeapFrog My Pal Scout or you can add some more songs using LeapFrog Connect application.

4. On the left foot there is the button which you can use to switch off the dialogue midway.

5. Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path for customized learning ideas and insights from LeapFrog Select music from an online list of 30 songs (Internet connection required)

My experience (or rather my daughters) with My Pal Scout

This was a Birthday gift to my daughter and she loves it. In fact the winning aspect is that the toy is in the form of a dog and my 1yr old adores dogs. She has dogs in all forms and shapes, loves them all and Scout here is no exception. Apparently Scout is supposed to be for boys whereas there is a variant for girls calls My Pal Violet which happens to be…well,violet in color…

What I love best is that this is not a toy which remains stagnant as it is..we can download new music and dialogues and transfer it into the toy. This is made super simple by the USB cable that comes along with it.

It has a volume tab too which is nice when used to lull your baby to sleep. No, it hasnt helped my daughter sleep like ir may do for orhers but it keeps her engaged for quite sometime and it is so much fun to see her carrying out a full-fledged conversation with Scout in her baby babble way of speaking.

All in all this is a fun buy whose value is increased by the fact that its interactive AND cuddly at the same time..perfect for our li’l tots dont u think?

Have you bought Leap Frog My Pal Scout Learning Toy for your child?

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