Lego Duplo Toddler Starter Building Set Review

Lego Duplo – Toddler Starter Building Set


As a child I was introduced to the Lego bricks at a very young age, even before my first birthday. My parents thought that it would help me open up my mind, think on my own and use some common sense. And they were definitely not wrong as according to most of my relatives and a number of uncles and aunts I was considered to be a very independent and sorted out girl. Now I’m definitely not saying that the Lego bricks were the sole reason behind it but they definitely played some part in making me independent, highly creative and quick at solving problems. So, when it came to my son I thought of doing the same with him and that is how the Lego DUPLO Toddler Starter Building Set made its way to my home


  Key Features: (as stated on the seller’s website)

  • Extra large DUPLO bricks are fully compatible with standard DUPLO bricks and elements
  • Box lid doubles as a building plate
  • Build lots of big DUPLO animals
  • Fun and safe for younger hands
  • Apt for kids aged between 1.5 – 3 years

Price: INR 2199 (bought at a discounted price of INR 1529 on Flipkart) You can buy it either from flipkart

About Lego Duplo – Toddler Starter Building Set

  • There are 37 piece in this set and all come packaged inside a nice, durable cardboard box
  • The lid of the storage box can also be used as a building plate
  • The bricks come in different colours – pink, green, red, yellow, blue
  • Some of the bricks in the set have patterns and eyes painted on them
  • The storage box also has a few examples of the different types of elements that can be made using these pieces

My experience with the Lego Duplo – Toddler Starter Building Set

Right now my son is too young to play with this Lego set on his own, but occasionally we sit down with him and show him what he is supposed to do with the bricks. He sees all this with great interest and would sometime even try to make some of his own masterpiece. However, he hasn’t developed that much of strength yet to create something on his own so for the time being we do this for him. But, if your baby is a toddler then the game would surely be a hit with him/her.


So most of the times it’s kept safely in his storage box. I am just waiting for him to grow up a bit more so I can watch him play with these For now on certain occasions it’s a great toy to participate as a family and have some family time together. The time that we spend with him showing what can be done with the different bricks makes him so happy. And I’m sure he is going to love these in his coming years.


What I like about Lego Duplo – Toddler Starter Building Set

  • It’s ageless, from your toddler to the seniors in your home, everyone is going to enjoy it equally
  • It’s a great learning tool for young ones
  • Excellent in build and quality
  • Safe even for babies as the edges are not at all sharp
  • If you have older siblings at home, they too can join in the fun
  • Gives wings to your child’s imagination
  • Builds curiousity
  • Develops creativity and problem solving skills

What I don’t like about Lego Duplo – Toddler Starter Building Set

  • Lego has paid special attention to make sure that their products are safe and of supreme quality, what else would a parent want. So, there’s nothing that I don’t like about Lego I absolutely love it!

Will I recommend it to others – an emphatic Yes! Yes! and Yes! Lego Bricks are a must have in any child’s set of toys. It shows your child a whole new world, triggers their imagination and you would be surprised to see some unique creations from them. Get this Toddler Starter Building Set for your kiddo, sit down with him/her and make some precious memories I have already started stocking up on all the different type of Lego sets

Have you bought any pf the Lego Building Block Set for your child?

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