Loreal Kids Tropical Mango Shampoo Review|Toddler Shampoo Review

Loreal Kids Tropical Mango Shampoo Review

I would not buy this if she was not stubborn on adding this in our cart. At the store she saw a tiny guy pick this bottle up and stuff it to his cart.. And our tiny lady did not want to leave this bright orange-yellow bottle behind. She did not know what this is. But she wanted because the bottle had an eye in the front. Weird child brain.


About Loreal Kids Tropical Mango Shampoo:


Loreal Kids Tropical Mango Shampoo Ingredients:-



Loreal Kids Tropical Mango Shampoo comes in a bright orange-yellow bottle with a shape a little similar to mango. The opening is flip cap. The shampoo too is lightly orange tinged.

The consistency is in between thick and thin. It looks good as a kids shampoo.

Kids!! Not a Baby any more.!!! :-D. It was just the other day she was born. Her blinking eyes, I remember.

Well, this shampoo lathers up very little. If you have the habit of oiling every bit of your child’s head/hair, then even 2 washes is not sufficient with this shampoo. It leaves the hair limp looking. I have experienced this. There is no fresh feeling when you have applied lot of oil.To get the oil free clean feeling you will almost have to shampoo four times your child hair which ofcourse no mum will like.



I apply good amount of oil on my daughter’s head before shower due to dry weather and dry skin too. But I cannot use a lot of shampoo for that.

On a regular basis I would still stick to Chicco Baby Shampoo.

Loreal Kids Tropical Shampoo is not harsh though. But the fragrance is too much if you consider the fact that it is a kid’s shampoo.



Not a product that can replace my trust worthy Chicco Baby Moments Shampoo.

Price: £ 3

Rating: 3.5/5

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