Make your own Baby Rattler Toy|Baby Rattle DIY

Make your own Baby Rattler Toy

Rattlers are the first toys for every baby. When they learn to hold a firm grip of objects, rattlers are usually given so that the sound keeps them engrossed.

As for my daughter, any toy would fascinate her just for 2 days. And then the toy is of no interest. It was not practical for us to buy a new toy every other day. So, to show her new items I just adopted this simple method of making my own rattler.

Rattler is basically something which makes a rattling sound with the slightest shake. So, your agenda is to make sound and make an attractive outer look of the rattler.

Items you will need:

  • A small pouch.
  • A box that will fit into the pouch.
  • Some kidney beans or bengal gram or chick pea or anything else of your choice.
  • Fancy bands.



How to make your own baby rattler?

Add all the Kidney beans into the box. The box should be sealed properly. If your baby gets hold of the beans then there is chance of choking. So take precautions to avoid any accidents.

Push the box into the pouch.



Tie up the pouch and add fancy accessories like flower band, butterfly band, birdy or anything else.

When your baby is done with this rattler, change the pouch and the fancy looks. You could add eyes, ears or mouth. You may go for colourful pouches.

Also change the box. Steel boxes make a very different sound than the plastic box.



My daughter is close to 3 years. She spent the entire day with this rattler I made to capture photos for this post. Weird; toddler playing with infant toys. But it kept her busy the entire day.

Have you tried making baby rattler?

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