Mastela Medicine Dispenser Review

Medicine Dispenser

I never thought it would be so hard to give medicines to an infant. I remember as a toddler I’d make my Dad run all around the house to give me meds and he did it happily with a smile on his face (my Moms was the opposite..I got many a whacking from her) So from the moment Pravi was born and we were asked to give her Calcium and Iron supplements daily, I was puzzled as to how to administer them. Giving them to her by spoon meant her bringing it back up in fountain mode and I finally resorted to a dropper. I saw this online sometime later and decided to try it out as well..Let’s see how it fared..


About Mastela Medicine Dispenser

A no-mess, safe and easy way to dispense liquid medicine to you infant – now a spoonful of sugar isn’t the only thing that helps the medicine go down.

  • Dispenses liquid medicine at a safe flow rate for baby
  • Pediatrician designed – helps reduce gagging and spitting out

Price: INR 299 (You can buy it for179 from here)

My Experience with Mastela Medicine Dispenser

As I wrote above, using a spoon to give Pravi meds meant a fountain of Calcium spurting on our faces. Since she was on the bottle predominantly, I decideed to pick this dispenser online…and what a boon it is too! No more messy clothes (including ours) and most importantly, the medicine stays down.

I’ve used it to give her colic meds as well and I haven’t faced any problem with cleaning these either. I just wash these in warm soapy water, rinse and sterilize on the gas along with her pacifiers. The dispenser itself is made up of 3 parts: the nipple, the medicine holder and the holder portion. This dispenser holds upto 2tsps of medicine and wot I like is that we can easily make out the measurement which is super important when you’re sleep deprived No thinking required..Pour and pop into your kiddos mouth




What I like about Mastela Medicine Dispenser:-

  • Compact and easy to carry around
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to measure out the required amount
  • No gagging


What I don’t like about Mastela Medicine Dispenser:-

  • Doesn’t have a lid so u have to carry it in a different container while travelling.

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