Maternity Fashion : Do’s & Dont’s

By Rhea

Maternity Fashion : Do’s & Dont’s

Woman’s life is very complicated right from the birth time. She takes birth in a home, stays there for the prime years of her life and when life already begins to get complicated, she is supposed to leave her home for a new place where she is almost alone to handle the problems where earlier she had the support of her blood relations – her parents and siblings. She adjusts to the new home, new partner and new family members and learns to learn at all steps. She becomes a mother and the story again unwinds to new directions, targets and dreams. But the best part that stays all through is that women know how to keep themselves abreast with the good looks!

Whether or not one would agree but I feel strongly that this is why we are special and the world still has the undefeated place for us that we know the art of looking pretty at all stages of our lives. Fashion exists because of beauty and shall always stay as the successor, as you cannot say that beauty exists because fashion does – though both of them co-exist and so it’s fine with us, isn’t it?

Anyway let me bring to you the fashion do’s and don’ts of maternity. Yes! we can dress up well during maternity as well but with some precautions which are mandatory depending on our condition and trimester period.

During the first trimester, as far as Indian women are concerned, we like to hide our bump whatever size it is but at the same time we want to be noticed through our dressing. At this point, I would advise you to wear whatever suits you or fits you well from your existing clothes. In case your jeans and trousers have already gone tight, I would advise you to wear a waist belt as it easily lets you wear your denims or pants without you having to button it up. If you are not at all comfortable wearing waist belts, you can obviously go for jeggings. They are a long term companion since they are made of elastic waists and so are comfortable to wear until the last semester.

During the second and the third trimester, one actually comes to realize the pregnancy situations and also the feeling by now has already sunk in, so it’s easy to wear pregnancy revealing clothes obviously. One feels comfortable with leggings and long tops and tunics, which make you, appear cute and plump.

I would advise you like experts and doctors do, not to wear dresses or pants or tops with zips or buttons as they can make you try and compress your stomach which is not advisable. Plus any trouble or discomfort can make you feel uneasy.

While you can put on your heels or shoes during the first trimester, it is usually not advised during the second and third trimester as it can be little uncomfortable. We should prefer our heels to be touching the ground with flat soled shoes to be comfortable with the increased weight.

Pregnancy is all about being happy and so whatever pleases you should be done in the right way. If you feel right about a cloth do wear it. Always remember happy moms make happy babies.

What is your favorite as per maternity fashion?

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