Mee Mee Maternity Nursing Pads Review

Mee Mee Maternity Nursing Pads:Breastfeeding is the best gift to the new mommies and best for our babies. But this may be uncomfortable sometimes due to some issues like breast leaking. Thus, to overcome this we can use Breast pads that can help you keep comfortable and dry. But, how long can we afford the disposable one is the question. Thus, after my disposable ones got over I switched off the washable breast pads to cut off the cost.



About Mee Mee Maternity Nursing Pads:

This is a pack of 6 Nursing Breast Pads made of 100% cotton fabric. This is ideally used under the garment to cushion sensitive breasts due to nursing your child; or to absorb milk leakage during non nursing hours.

Price: Rs.395 for 6 pieces



My view about Mee Mee Maternity Nursing Pads:

Mee Mee Maternity Nursing Pads comes in a soft cardboard box. These Pads don’t cause any uneasiness, irritation or tingling. Mee Mee Maternity Nursing Pads are of cotton which is soft and delicate.

But, this softness fades with time and doesn’t last long with regular use. This fits well into the bra and doesn’t show off above the clothes. The absorbing capacity is ok and not meant for the heavy flow. Thus, you can only use while at home. The best part is its washable and the process is quite simple and easy.

I sock them in the regular washing powder with few drops of dettol and wash them. If you have heavy leaking and full wetness passes you will have to change very frequently. It doesn’t absorbs like the disposable ones, thus I will recommend not using them while moving out as the leakage may show off the clothes.



What I like about Mee Mee Maternity Nursing Pads:

  • Safe for the skin
  • Good packaging
  • Pocket friendly
  • good brand
  • Travel friendly
  • doesn’t irritate, tingles or make you feel uneasy
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Is of soft cotton
  • Absorbs leakage
  • Fits well and doesn’t show off
  • Best for home use
  • Easy to wash

What I dont like about Mee Mee Maternity Nursing Pads:

  • Avoid using from the start of breastfeeding stage, as you may not have time to keep washing them.
  • Not good if you have heavy milk flow
  • The soft cotton layer becomes rough with regular use.
  • Not suitable if you are going out.

My Rating: 3/5

Will I Repurchase Mee Mee Maternity Nursing Pads?

Yes, the reusable pads save a lot of money as they can be washed and even used several times. So if you spent most of time indoors this will surely hep you. But, if you require heavy coverage and for longer time you may switch to the disposable ones.

Have you tried Mee Mee Maternity Nursing Pads?

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