Mee Mee Nipple Protector Review – Use Of Nipple Protector


I am sure you have read my breast feeding  and horrible abscess experience. This post is a little associated with the same.  I had bought this Mee Mee Nipple Protector during those days when I was in deep trouble to feed my new born baby. You will have to read further to know if this has been of any help to me.



I had a hard breast nipple which eventually turned sore  the minute my baby would start sucking.So, somebody suggested (don’t remember who ) that there is something called as nipple shield which will help baby to learn sucking. It would even prevent from getting the mother hurt. That is how this Mee Mee Nipple Protector arrived at my place.



The material of this nipple protector is super soft and super thin. It is very flexible and is designed to fit the breast nipple. It sticks perfectly without any loosening.



For mothers with mild cracks and any minor breast problem, this nipple protector will definitely be of great help. The vacuum lock like on the skin is perfect and it does not move after wearing. The nipple protector has tiny holes for the flow out of the milk and there are also tiny eruptions like structure on the surface on the material near the holes.



But as  I had already developed hard painful nipple  this did not help even a bit. It was as good as not wearing this nipple protector. Even after I wore this nipple protector and tried feeding my baby, I still suffered from that horrible pain.



Price: Rs.245

There is nothing to summarize what I like or don’t like. I don’t think it makes any sense to rate this product.

All I can say is that it’s  a nice product for those facing some minor feeding problems unfortunately I was not fortunate enough to enjoy my breast feeding phase.

Have you tried Mee Mee Nipple Protector?


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