Mee Mee Quilted Baby Wrapper & Blanket Review

Mee Mee Quilted Baby Wrapper and Blanket Review

  • Price : 595 INR /-
  • Dimensions: Length 78.5cm X Width 74cm (approx)
  • Quantity : 1 pc

I bought this cotton quilted baby wrapper and blanket when it was on discount (roughly 15 %) before the baby arrived. Like all Moms I want to give my baby the best of everything. When I bought this I did know what to expect but after using it I found that it turned out to be a wise purchase and good quality product.

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It is ideal for a children aged 0 – 6 months. It is quilted and has an embroidered hood which can be used to cover the baby’s head. I generally use it when the AC is on. It is nice and soft so there is no risk of the material scratching my child’s delicate skin. I was apprehensive about washing it but after the first wash it was still nice and soft. It is also availiable in a variety of colours.

This is a blanket that you will love to flaunt. It is really so pretty. I use it when I carry my daughter as well as in her pram on an outing. I know that as winter approaches it will be great to have around because you can turn it from a blanket to a wrapper to safely swaddle the baby to warmth. If you know someone with a child of this age group then it is an ideal gift too .

Over all the Mee Mee Quilted Baby Wrapper or Blanket is a must-have in your list of baby accessories. It is useful and very very attractive. It is warm, soft, made of breathable fabric and safe to wrap the baby in. Mee Mee has done a good job with this product. They’ve given baby’s a gorgeous blanket that mothers all over are going to want to hold on to even after their babies have grown up!

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What I like about the Mee Mee Quilted Baby Wrapper & Blanket:

  • Its very attractive
  • Functional
  • Breathable fabric – Cotton
  • Safe
  • Quilted and hooded

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  • Warm and soft
  • Retains it shape and texture after a wash
  • Availiable in most baby stores and online
  • Can be used in both summer and winter as a blanket and wrapper respectively
  • Affordable


Have you tried the Mee Mee Quilted Baby Wrapper and Blanket?


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