Microshield Handrub Santizer – Baby Best Hand Sanitizer

It’s not possible to keep washing your baby hand whole day but the way these toddlers keep dirtying themselves up I feel like giving them bath thrice a day.My daughter needs constant monitoring .She eats whatever she finds on the floor and infact tries to take out cement from the wall and eat it.This way she upset her stomach and falls sick.

My pediatrician recommended Microshield handrub sanitizer to me which is considered to be the best for the babies.I have been using it since two months and I really find it effective.By the way it’s the only Johnson n Johnson  product which I use on my baby.There has been just too much talk about how Jhonson baby products should be avoided.

About Microshield Handrub Sanitizer:-

Composition – Microshield Handrub is chlorhexidine/alcohol hand and skin antiseptic. The active ingredients are 0.5% w/v Chlorhexidine Gluconate and 70% Ethanol. Microshield Handrub contains emollients and moisturisers to assist in the maintenance of skin integrity.

Actions – The chlorhexidine/alcohol skin antiseptic is toxic to bacteria by dehydrating the cell. it is a broad spectrum anitbacterial and antiviral agent. The chlorhexidine/alcohol skin antiseptic is absorbed through the bacterial cell wall obstructing its permeability. It interfers with the physiological activity of the cell leading to its destructin. Chlorhexidine gluconate provides residual and cumulative protection agains microorganisms. Chlorhexidine/alcohol skin antiseptic is active against most Gram positive and negative bacteria. It is also active against some lipophilic viruses.

  • Price – INR 450 for 500ml

My experience with Microshield Handrub Sanitizer:-

Sanitizer is pink in colour and is of water thin consistency.I like how it makes my and baby hand germ free and keep them moisturised after application.It has this powdery fragrance which stays for a while.The moment I apply it there is this cooling sensation which I get and my baby enjoys it too..Whenever I pick up the bottle she comes running over to me to get it sprayed on her hands as well.

Initially she didnt like it and used to cry but now she think its a fun thing.It doesn’t dry out hands and one bottle last 3-4 months easily if used 2-3 times every day.

You won’t get any sticky feeling after using it neither the feeling that you need to wash your hands after usage.It has a nozzle which gives control over the product quantity.

Only problem is that it’s not travel friendly .Otherwise product is nice to be used on baby hands every day.

Do let me know what’s your favourite baby Sanitizer or anything works for you

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