Mini Haul For Toddler From Hopscotch( Website Review)

Mini Haul For Toddler From Hopscotch

Hello Everyone,

Today I am here with an unboxing video where I will show all you moms what I got for my toddler daughter from

It is just like a tiny mini haul which I wanted to share with you all so that if you too are planning to buy something for your kids, your get an idea about what can you get for them!

So, lets see what is there in the bigg box I received a while back!

So, basically I have been shopping from Hopscotch since long time and it is just that they turned 2 years this month. I received a cute little card about their 2nd anniversary. I had ordered for 3 items but the box i received was quite big which came as a surprise.

Straw Pack

So first of all, I got a pack of 200 plastic straws for my daughter as now that she is 2.5 years old and I just weaned her off from the bottle feeding so I thought of introducing straws to her so that she can learn how to drink with a straw. Nowadays she directly drinks from the cup or asks me to make her drink with a spoon but I think now it will be good for her to introduce these straws as they are easy and don’t have any chances of spilling.

The pack contains 200 straws and comes in a tightly packed plastic packaging.

Price- INR239

Mix and Match Mathematical Puzzle

The second item I got for my daughter is basically a learning game with helps the kids with counting and addition skills. This is basically a puzzle with cards with the objects where the numbers printed as objects like ice creams, cup cakes etc. My daughter is slowly learning numbers and so I wanted to try this mix and match mathematical puzzle for her. This looks quite interesting and I hope she finds it too!


Fairy Dress

The last item from this haul is a beautiful  Fairy Dress which I purchased for my daughter. Lately, there have been many events organized in her play school and as she grows up she will surely be taking art in many other events so for that I need to make sure she has some special dresses for occasions like Christmas, New Year’s or any other fancy dress competition.

Well, renting clothes is surely an easy option for many parents but because there is a limitation to rent clothes and return them in a stipulated time, it becomes a little difficult for those who are working and get only weekends to relax and sort out important stuffs. So for me , it is really not possible to go searching for appropriate clothes and then run around to return them in a jiffy as soon as the event gets wrapped up!

So, this was another reason I wanted to buy this dress. Moreover there is always a fear about skin infection as the rented clothes may not be washed or hygienic to wear each time they rent it. So why to take any risk for your kid!

So, this Fairy dress is really superb and also the fact that it is for girls between 3-5 years which is surely a plus point so far as the price is concerned.

I think it will surely suit her needs to dress up for themed parties or cultural fests in her school.

Price- INR 1648 You can buy kids’ fairy dress from here

So this was my Toddler daughter’s Mini Haul from Hopscotch and I really enjoyed showing all of this to guys!

I wish to keep coming with videos like this and thanks for the positive feedback. It surely means a lot to us!

What did you like the most in this Haul?

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