Mixed Fruit Custard Bowl – Healthy Recipe For Kids

Mixed Fruit Custard Bowl – Healthy Recipe For Kids

Feeding your child is a greatest job. Especially the toddler who is always in a mind set to do something against you. It is a common prank of your child to run away from any healthy foods until and unless you make the food colourful and give an interesting look.

Milk and Fruits should be included compulsory in your child’s food diet. Making different recipes and running behind your child to feed them is a challenging task for every Parent. Here is a recipe of an easy fruit bowl which is colourful and tasty; moreover it will attract your child.


  • Milk
  • Any Fruits of your child’s choice (Apple, Orange, Banana, Sweet Lemon, Watermelon)
  • Dry Fruits (almonds, dried figs, cashews)
  • Custard Powder (there are many flavours, vanilla, strawberry, mango)
  • Sugar
  • Honey


  • Take a deep clean pan.
  • To the pan add two cups of boiled milk.
  • Add custard powder to the Milk. You can make a paste of the powder with 4 to 5 spoons of water and then add or you can directly add it to milk in the pan. I have used vanilla flavour custard powder.
  • Let it boil in low flame. Stir continuously so that it won’t stick to the bottom. Add 2 spoons of sugar to the boiling mixture. Allow it boil till the milk becomes thick and forms a paste. Switch off when the mixture is thick enough.
  • Keep the pan aside to cool down.
  • Chop the fruits which your child has chosen. Also chop the dry fruits.
  • After the custard milk has reached the room temperature add the fruits and dry fruits and mix them well. Add a spoon full of honey for better taste.

Add it to a serving bowl. Let your child enjoy the different taste of the fruit bowl.

The fruit bowl prepared is very nutritious and is a complete food. As the fruit bowl itself contains milk as a base, you have no worries in feeding milk to your child. You can either roast them in ghee before adding to the fruit bowl or add as it is.

Do let us know when you try and how well did your child enjoy this fruit bowl.

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