Moist Choco Malt Cake With Jam Glaze

Moist Choco Malt Cake With Jam Glaze


Sometimes I really miss those days when my ‘bacchaas’ were very young and could eat anything without guilt. I don’t know how many fauji wives are reading this but if there are any here then they will be able to identify with the situation (and sympathize with me too).  We (of course the husbands not the wives lol) get a lot of Jam and Choco -Malt in free rations every month, which most of the times become a pain to handle and store, especially when your kids begin to realize that they have had enough of that over sweet jam and over crunchy Choco- malt powder and need to lose some weight now.

After giving a lot of thought to various ways of finishing off those bottles of Jam and Choco malt drink powder I had decided to finally use them in cakes, desserts and cookies. After a lot of Hit and Trial I was finally able to master a few recipes which were real big hit with my kids and their school friends. I used to bake these cakes almost every third day on demand of my children’s friends in the school.

Today I am going to share a very easy cake recipe for your kiddies, which can be great as evening snack or even as short break tiffin for school.

NB. I never used refined flour for baking and loved to keep atta /wheat flour as the base.

Moist Choco Malt Cake With Jam Glaze


Choco malt – 150 g  (any other choco malt drink can be used)

Eggs – 2

Refined oil – 4 tbsp

Atta – 5 tbsp

Eno – 1 tsp

Milk – 2-3 tbsp

chocolate essence


Mix and beat choco malt, eggs, and refined oil with hand blender/mixer till creamy and fluffy.

Add atta, Eno and chocolate essence.

Mix well to blend.

If you find the batter thick add milk and blend.

Pour in lightly greased baking dish and micro high for 4-5 minutes.

 Ingredients for glaze

Choco malt – 5 tbsp

butter – 50 g

jam – 2 tbsp

Mix all three ingredients and cook in a double boiler till it resembles a thick sauce.(Double boiler is a big pan with boiling water and in it there is a smaller pan in which all three ingredients are mixed, melted and cooked)

When the cake is ready, poke the cake with a knife and pour this sauce over the cake.

Let it rest for a while before serving.

Remember this recipe is good for kids but the moms should not let themselves go haywire with the cake. You can serve this cake with tea, coffee or a glass of milk.

Some of you might feel that why give recipe of cake which is such a fattening thing so for those I wish to suggest here that yes, cakes and cookies are bad for kids’ health but if your child is an active one who moves a lot, plays outdoor at least an hour and not a big cartoons fan, then there is no harm in baking this cake for her/im. let the children enjoy their childhood by relishing little joys of eating whatever they want because after another few years as it is they will be figure/six packs conscious and stop eating all such things. Let them eat till the time they can digest all such goodies. (My personal viewpoint)

Are you going to try making this Moist Choco Malt Cake With Jam Glaze for your children?




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