Morning Sickness Basics

Morning Sickness Basics


Whenever you are watching some soaps or serials on TV, if someone is pregnant the first thing they would show is that the lady is dashing towards the washroom clutching her belly. Well it’s nothing but one of the signs of pregnancy, the morning sickness!

Morning Sickness: Definition

It is a nausea that pregnant women mostly suffer from. The term ‘morning’ sickness coined for this nauseatic tendency is however a misnomer because pregnant women can experience this morning sickness during any hour of day or of the night. Generally the morning sickness remains throughout the 1st trimester but for some pregnant ladies it continues all through their pregnancy period. The pregnancy symptom of morning sickness may show up as early as 2 weeks within conceiving



Morning Sickness: Symptoms

The major symptom of morning sickness is nausea which may or may not be accompanied by vomiting. Dizziness, fainting, racing of heart, loss of control on bladder, passage of dark colored urine could be the other associated symptoms. Generally you need not bother so much about the morning sickness symptoms because after the 1st-2nd trimester these symptoms naturally subside. But severe vomiting might lead to dehydration and put immense pressure on the fetus and thus you need to take medical help. Severe type of morning sickness strikes women quite rarely and is called Hyperemesis gravidarum. Those who are affected by the Hypermesis gravidarum sickness need to be rushed to hospital immediately and need to be treated with suitable medications and IV or Intravenous fluids.

Morning Sickness: Causes

The intense hormonal upheaval in a woman’s body in her pregnancy period is the root cause of the morning sickness. It causes her belly to bloat with gases, acids that give rise to the morning sickness phenomenon. However if sometimes the woman has thyroid problem or an underlying liver disease, her morning sickness is triggered all the more. Also your nose becomes sensitive certain smells and your nausea is aggravated.

Morning Sickness: Home Remedies

If you wish to alleviate your morning sickness symptoms at home without taking any medication for it, you can try some fantastic home remedies that really work. Snacking yourself with crackers all through the day will definitely give you some relief from your morning sickness. Sipping from a cup of hot spicy ginger tea will also quieten your raging belly and ward off your queasiness. Chewing a pinch of fennel seeds whenever the feeling of nausea arises also could give you some relief. Another herbal tea that works wondrously in keeping the symptoms of morning sickness at bay is the fuming tea of red-raspberry leaves. However before applying these remedies you need to consult your doctor.

Morning Sickness: Complications & Risk factors

Morning Sickness though is not something very risky however should not be taken too lightly either. For underweight would-be moms, it could-be an impediment in the way of gaining a healthy body weight and delivering a baby with a healthy body weight either. Also frequent vomiting due to morning sickness might cause tears in your food pipe or esophagus, a complicated issue indeed.

So these are the morning sickness basics which unveil the mystery that enshrouded the term ‘morning sickness’ so long. Going through this post would keep you informed about what is morning sickness and you would never harbor any misconception regarding this when you for the first time encounter the morning sickness symptoms within just a few weeks of the arrival of that good news!

 Have you suffered from morning sickness?

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