Most Important Milestones For Baby Development In The Womb

“What are some of the most important stages of baby development in the womb?”… parents often want to know.

Let’s start by looking at a bit of background.

A tiny life begins to take form in a woman’s womb, soon after the process of conception, when a highly motile sperms impregnates and fertilizes a highly fertile ovum egg. Biological processes have created a unique mechanism, when at the moment of conception, a unique organism comes into existence.

This new organism is essentially lovely in its nature and has tremendous ability to undergo several anatomical changes, throughout a nine moth period till such a day, when it comes out of the mother’s womb.

A Brief Description of Baby Development in the Womb

  • At the moment of conception, a male sperm unites with a female ovum to fertilize it. The single celled organism thus formed, is called a zygote,
  • A zygote is a wonderful repository of biological information of both the parents, and it may include such critical information like 50,000 genes that belong to both parents,
  • Fertilization occurs in the Fallopian tube, and soon after this process, the tiny mass of cells starts migrating to the interior portion of the canal and implants itself on the uterine wall of mother’s womb,
  • Within the next 24 to 48 hours, the tiny zygote starts multiplying at a furious rate and becomes a stage called Blastocyst, which is also called a placenta; a placental structure contains almost 150 cells in the shape of a tiny ball,
  • This life form is also called embryo, and this stage will last from the first cell division stage, until eight week of the unborn baby development,
  • Whereas, the stage of an unborn baby from eight week of development up, until the birth is called “fetus”.

Though these stages are classified according to the cell division and primary developmental stage, you can name your baby in any way you like; call her a tiny tot, baby, infant, toddler or child, it is entirely up to you!

Baby Development in The Womb…
Important Milestones

Along with the most basic anatomical changes, there are several other compulsory changes that occur throughout the pregnancy period.

Here are just a few stages or milestones of baby development in the womb:

  • At 4 weeks from conception: Eyes, ears and respiratory stem begin to develop at a rapid pace,
  • Thumb sucking practice will be first observed during the 7th week,
  • At 8 weeks from conception: Your physician will start feeling the heartbeat of your baby, through the ultrasonic stethoscope,
  • 9 weeks from conception: Your baby can hold a tender object, by bending her finger around it,
  • 11 to 12 weeks from conception: Steady breathing will occur and this continues till the labor,
  • 11 weeks from conception: Your baby will learn to swallow the amniotic fluid
  • 13 and 15 weeks from conception: Baby will also develop the sense of taste by creating a functioning taste bud,
  • At 16 to 20 weeks: Your baby becomes very sensitive to external noises and mother’s own soothing heartbeats,
  • 23 weeks from conception: Baby will develop a definite sleep pattern,
  • Six months from conception: Oil and sweat glands will start forming, as a system to eject the waste from the body,
  • 7 months after conception: Baby will start moving tirelessly by stretching and kicking,
  • 9 months till the birth: the baby will put on a considerable amount of weight of almost half a pound per week. Its skin begins to start thickening, and it also starts the breathing practice, by consuming more than a pint of amniotic fluid.

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