Mothercare fragrance Baby Wipes Review

Like all excited mothers I did a lot of baby shopping before the baby came.  Among the things were three packs of Himalaya baby wet wipes.  They were used up in a month and it got me thinking that at this rate my family would need a factory’s supply of wipes in a year.  I decided to search for good deals online and found Mothercare baby wipes.  It was a set of 4 packs with 72 wipes each which cost 549 but on discount was selling for INR 480.  I did the math and INR 120 seemed quite inexpensive.  I got wet wipes from a better brand too.

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What Mother care fragranced baby wipes claims:

Our fragrance baby wipes with baby lotion are strong yet soft on delicate skin.  Natural extracts of chamomille and aloevera help protect against the causes of nappy rash

Now what I like most about these wipes is that the fragrance is soft and not over bearing.  They are thin and very very gentle on the skin.  Other than being larger in size when compared to those from Himalaya and J & J, they are also very durable. Most times I rinse the wipes in warm water and then use it on the baby but some times when I don have the energy, I use them as they are.

Since I started using them, my baby’s rash has subsided.  The sublte scent and the fact that it does not harm delicate skin enables me to use them to remove my makeup too sometimes

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It has a plastic flap to  take out the tissue instead of a usual Himalaya or Jhonson stickers which makes drying of wipes almost nil.

As always you should excersise caution since some chemicals could irritate your newborn’s sensitive and tender skin.   If you notice redness or a rash other than diaper rash please witch brands until you find one that doesn’t cause a reaction. Talk with your pediatrician about any irritations that seem severe or don’t seem to improve.

I highly recommend Mothercare baby wipes.  Buying in bulk is also so much more economical and comfortable.

Mothercare also has non fragranced baby wipes.  You can get both fragranced and non fragranced in packs of 24, 72 and 288 pcs per pack.

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