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I am in my ninth month of pregnancy and few days back one of my friends asked me if I have prepared my maternity hospital bag. When she mentioned this I was kind of confused because when you are pregnant whole world gives you advice. It’s not that their advises are bad or something, it’s just that they often contradict so much .

For example , one of my relatives advised me to mop the floor in last month so that I can have normal delivery, but later on another relative told me not to do that as our body is not used to of it. So I decided to choose the best (read easiest) of the two and skipped the idea of mopping

Similarly one of my friends advised me to not to prepare the maternity bag before fifteen days of the given due date because of some superstitious belief  where as some suggested me to prepare it as soon as you reach 34th week

I asked my facebook friends on Wise She to let me know what all things they considered are must have in their maternity bags. Like always, helped poured in from all directions like crazy and I am thankful to every one who gave me each piece of advice. My bag is going to be packed soon and I am surely going to share it with you guys.

Till then those who are looking for info of what to have in their maternity hospital bag can check out below

Click on the pictures to enlarge them –

Some preferred mailing me .

Those who helped their near ones (sister or bhabhi) gave these suggestions.

My Maternity Bag Checklist

This is all what I think I will be needing, moreover hospital is quite near to my place and there will be almost 20 people around me ready to do anything .You can imagine the enthusiasm which my friends and family are having currently and I guess Daddy and Mom will get to see the baby last :rotfl:

I will hopefully will be there to show you all the new things which I got  

Would you like to add anything in my Maternity Hospital bag?


Mommie to Be

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