Must Know Tips For Performing Mundan Ceremony Of A Baby

Must Know Tips For Performing Mundan Ceremony

Talking about the Hindu traditions there are Basic Sanskaars which revolve round the life of an infant as he/she takes birth. From offering the first food to baby to the Mundan ceremony all of these are the Sanskaars or traditional practices followed in Hindu religion. This ritual or removing all the hair from the babies scalp which has been retained since birth is known as Mundan and it exists in Muslims as well as Sikhs. This ceremony is done when the baby completes 6 months of age or can be done anytime till the baby is three years old. There are some beliefs that Mundan ceremony should take place in an odd year & odd month only.

How Mundan Ceremony takes place?

Mundan ceremony is an important occasion in the life of a baby so usually parents wish to go to a scared place like Banks of River Ganga and perform the ceremony there but due to lack of time and rush on these places people generally do these events at home or a nearby temple preferably. So a Priest and a skilled barber is called for the Havan and auspicious chants of Mantras while the barber shaves away the baby’s head. For a baby girl, the entire scalp is shaved off but for a baby boy a small strand of hair is left as the Shikha which is related to the Gotra of which the baby belongs. The shaved hair are kept for offering to God and then draining away in a religious river like Ganga which itself is regarded as a Holy God in Hindu Mythology.

After the baby’s head is shaved off a paste of turmeric & sandalwood is applied all over the scalp. There is a reason behind applying this paste so as to keep the baby’s head free from any bacterial infections and also to keep the scalp cool as the head gets bare and the hair gets shaved off which  used to be a barrier between the extrinsic environment and the baby’s scalp. Never wash the bay’s head with shampoo or soap to avoid shaving nicks to cause infection on the baby scalp.

Safety measures before performing  Mundan Ceremony-

  • You need to make sure to inform your Priest well before time and book your reservation on the desired date for the Mundan ceremony so as to avoid last minute change of plans.
  • Also hire the service of a barber who is specialized in doing baby Mundan and not any barber will do.We went to the near by saloon and didn’t opt for barber service for the hygiene reasn
  • .If you take barber services then make sure that all the tools that are being used by the barber as sterilized properly or new so as to avoid any kind of infection.
  • Let your baby rest well before the ceremony so that they don’t get cranky while performing Mundan as it becomes a little difficult to manage the head of a crying baby for shaving off hair!

Many families nowadays don’t get enough time to plan an elaborate Mundan Ceremony at a sacred place due to hectic schedule. They opt for getting their baby’s head shaved off in a reputed salon instead.

Have you performed Mundan Ceremony of your Baby?


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