My 37th Week Of Pregnancy

I have never been this eager to meet my baby .Just can’t believe that I have few days left  to meet the second love of my life first ofcourse being the father who is worried that I might forget him after the baby arrives..lolz.

I am almost at the end of the 37th week also. It’s tough right now as my back has started hurting and Rash says it’s going to get worse later

The feeling of going into labor seems exciting  :D. I don’t know why but it is. May be because I have no idea about labor pains and other experiences are not disturbing me.

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37th Week Of Pregnancy Symptoms:-

There is more of leakage now and it sometimes I feel that amniotic sac has broken down and I so wish it happens soon as  I don’t want to wait for the pains(after being admitted) or get induced. With respect to diet, I am having my normal daily meals which includes milk, almond, fruits, juices, breads(Indian chapati), green vegetables etc. I am so glad that I don’t have to cook and all these things are placed in front of me I wonder how some ladies cook and manage their house also in these last days. I have read that in foreign countries generally people stock packed food with them albeit I haven’t heard this from my friends who gave birth to their kids abroad.

There are so many things running in my mind especially when I go to the loo. As friends and family have told me that if I spot bleeding than I should rush to the doctor so I can’t believe but I am waiting for the spotting to occur.:P.Infact it is kind of funny but now I have forgotten about chums/periods altogether

In my next visit to the doc I am going to discuss few more things  this time which include my delivery preference and what more to expect.

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37th Week Pregnancy Sleep :-

 Thankfully I am having comfortable sleep and  am taking lot of rest .All I wish is for good weather which  makes me feel better emotionally also.Delhi is just burning right now.

37th Week Pregnancy Baby Movement:-

This is something which is little confusing because at this time I find baby movement slow but they are regular.It worries me sometime but I do keep monitoring them .


Only thing which keeps me going is the fact that my baby is putting on weight and the longer it stays in the utero the more s/he will gain weight  and will be be in better health.On the other side I feel bloated and huge which is not a nice feeling at all.

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37th Week Shopping :-

I have ordered a breast pump as suggested by one of the readers Chandana. She suggested me an electronic one hopefully I will be able to show it to you before the baby arrives

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 Do share your 37th week of Pregnancy experience

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