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 Baby Bather Review

The first time I held my little one in my hands I was terrified.  She was so delicate and tiny.  I was baffled.  If she cries will I understand why?  How does one change the nappy, bathe and feed such a little person?  So many questions and no matter how much I prepared for it, nothing compared to the real thing and actually being a hands on mom.  It takes time and patience and slowly but surely you’ll see that everything falls in place.

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Zee gifted me a baby bather much before the baby was born :-* I was overwhelmed to see it.  After my delivery that resulted in a C -Section my parents hired a massage lady.  She comes on a daily basis and massages and bathes the baby after.  She massages me too.  At the time the bather did’nt seem necessary but now a month later I am bathing baby myself and It is the most handy thing ever.

For you new mothers this is a fabulous product.  Not everyone has help in the home and this apparatus makes bathing the baby relatively safe and easy than conventional methods.  If you are still wondering what a baby bather is it’s basically a reclining mesh seat for your baby to sit in without falling off as it has a material on the sides like wings that keep the baby in snugly.  It can be placed in an appropriately sized sink or in the bath tub.

The product is quite compact and comes packed in a cardboard box.  It has to be unfolded and snapped into the appointed slots.  Once set up you place the baby in it and then place it in the water and voila its bathtime :)!  Not all children like the feel of water on their bodies but my baby loves it.  The cloth used for the seat is mesh and that enables the soap and water to go back into the tub or sink.  After you take the baby out and then dress her and come back to the bather, all it takes it a mug of water for rinsing and your cleaning is done.  Leave it to drain and dry, then fold it and store it easily in a clean dry place.  Simple!

The baby bather is an ideal product until your infant turns about 4 – 5  months.  It can then be kept for your next child or given to another expecting mother.  It is good to hand things down.  Doesn’t make sense to keep buying and hoarding.

Bathing should be fun and with the help of this product mothers need not be scared.  Just enjoy pampering your baby and make tons and tons of happy memories.

What I like about MeMe Baby Bather:

  • Necessary and very handy
  • Absolutely Safe
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Dries quickly
  • Affordable for its purpose

What I don’t like about MeMe Baby Bather:-

 Have you tried Baby Bather Review?

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