My Baby Doesn’t Eat Anything – What To Do When Baby Doesn’t Eat Food

If you check out the recipe section on our Indian baby blog you will see many baby food recipes ideas shared by me along with our team. My daughter was never a fussy eater, but about two months back she quit solid food altogether. Imagine my plight when a baby who could eat anything, now refused to eat even icecream, cakes or her favourite biscuits or bread. I first thought its just a temporary phase and she will get back to eating soon  but slowly she started losing weight and I could see her turning from pink to yellow. I went to the doctor and found that she was having mouth ulcer. Doctor asked us to give her something sweet, liquid and mild cold stuff along with some medication.After 3-4 days she ate a bit, but soon switched back to not eating anything at all.

It can be quite frustrating for a working mom or any mom when her baby refuses food altogether. You spend a lot of time and effort in cooking for them and trying to make the baby have something and when they don’t eat they get utterly fussy and crib all the time. After about two and half months of struggle my daughter has started taking two meals. I swear I thought I will go to temple and offer some prasad to deity.

When I was going through this maddening phase of her not eating food, there were few things which worked for me and helped my child gaining back some appetite.Wise She baby group really helped me out.

I am penning down few tips which might help out mommies who are worried about their child not having even 2-3 meals.

1) Check for mouth ulcers. They are tiny breaks in the lining of the mouth or on the tongue that form painful sores.They occur when your child has been ill or tired. If you get slightest of hint that its ulcer one should visit the doctor asap. Mouth ulcers can result in weight loss and fever as well.

2) Don’t push food into your child mouth.I  know how one feels like when  s/he doesn’t eat anything but this makes child hate food altogether.

3) The best thing which worked for me is giving  spinach soup and pomegranate juice  after every 2-3 hours. This was the only thing which was easy to give. I used orange juice as well and giving her 2-3 tsp after every 2-3 hour didn’t irritate her .This is something which my doctor didn’t advise me and it was shared to me by one of our baby group member.

4) Iron and zinc syrup is necessary which should be given after consulting your doctor.

5) I am not in favour of sweet or sugary stuff for my baby.I generally prefer adding date syrup in her food instead of sugar but when she didn’t eat anything one bite of cookie did calm down the fussy eater a bit.

6) If your baby can have fennel or jeera then it will act as a natural appetizer.

7) When child refuses solid and just has milk all the time then chances of her developing gastric problem arise which too makes them refuse food. So keep a watch and make sure that your child is not constipated.Constipation further makes the child detest food altogether.

8) I was tired of making different food for her and she refusing it all but with the help of my maid I did introduce new food to her. Sometimes babies are just too bored of their regular food.You can check out different baby food recipes here.

 It takes time in bring back the baby appetite so you got to be patient. It’s not that with doctor’s medicine baby will immediately start having three course meal.

 Has your baby ever been to no food phase? If yes! then do share your experience in the comments section

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