My Diet After C Section Delivery India

India = Mythical & Mystical.  In this country of ours, you will find a myth in every nook and corner.  Every woman from Kashmir to Kanyakumari has advice to give.  Just name the topic and there you go!  Some make sense and definitely work and some don’t.  Child birth is a hot topic.  If you have normal delivery then things are different and you don’t have to worry too much about your diet.  You can consider munching on some laddo0s and indulging in a bit of ghee.  With a C-Section things are different.  I was lucky because I had some sound advice from my cousin sisters.  They were able to speak through experience since they too had Caesareans and so I didn’t get lured into the GHEE trap!  Ya, Ghee trap.  I was adviced some 3-4 kgs of it!

After the baby arrives one feels tired, sleepy and depressed too.  I was told by the ‘AUNTIES’ to drink water in limitation because it will stay in the stomach and cause it to bloat.  Of course this is advice that is not to be followed. It is very very important to drink lots and lots of water otherwise the chances of you having urine infection are going to be very high.  Drinking water also keeps your  energy levels high .

Water should be very light.  My family boils the RO water.  They are very particular about little things and after boiling transfer it to a vessel and then give it to me to drink.  I make sure that I drink the entire amount daily.  Some women drink hot water all the time because it is believed to help with weight reduction.  Since Delhi is anyways hot as it is I stuck to drinking normal  RO water.
I drink a cup of tea every day as it gives me a  quick rush of energy but its not advisable.  One has to limit their intake of caffine.  My doctor prescribed a high protein diet which included cheese, eggs, soyabean and yogurt.  I avoided it as per the advise of the old aunties, and ate the rest of the stuff.

One more high protein item that my family insists I have is boiled black peas water .  The black peas are soaked overnight in water and then added to 1/2 a teaspoon of cumin seeds fried in a tsp of ghee.  I drink the water only as chickpeas and kidney beans are heavy on the stomach and takes a lot of time to digest.  You can add some home made paneer to it and make it more nutritious.

Fruits like, oranges, peaches and pears are high in fiber and must be eaten daily.  My breakfast consists of a big bowl of papaya to ensure proper bowel movement.  It is essential as my condition does not allow me to do much physical activity.

For lunch I have a chapati with vegetables like bottle gourd or a cup of dal with some salad.  Dinner is very light and oatmeal with a bowl of dal by 8pm  is sufficient for me.  If I feel hungry during the night I have a glass of cows milk.  I am staying true to my diet and having frequent meals every one and half hour to two hours thus keeping hunger pangs and craving for unhealthy food at bay.

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