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Yesterday when I was using this interactive story reader and was reading out to Anvika, I thought of reviewing it here too. I immediately clicked few pictures of it but they are not the best of the pictures.So pardon me for that.I guess I only try a bit with makeup pictures only otherwise effort taken is minimal.

I must confess that I am not regular in reading out to my baby .Although I wish to read out to her everyday.Sometime it gets boring for me to read out to her when she rarely pays attention to it.This interactive story reader holds baby’s attention for a while and makes reading all the more fun.



About My First Story Reader:-

With My First Story Reader and 3 Interactive Storybooks, children ages six months to three years can hear stories featuring their favorite characters read by a friendly narrator. Stories simply come to life with the insertion of a simple cartridge and the attachment of a spiral bound book. With just the turn of a page, lively music, narration and sound effects make reading interactive and fun. In the Activity Mode, My First Story Reader® asks questions about colors, shapes, matching, and more. Children simply press one of the three big buttons to answer and learn. Three spiral-bound books are included, each with durable board pages that are designed to withstand rough handling. The lightweight carrying case has a sturdy handle and easy-to-use magnetic closure. Requires 3 AAA batteries (included).


This story reader comes with three books where when you insert a particular book into the book reader it starts narrating the story. It reads neatly and doesn’t hang or stop in between unless baby tries to snatch the book and throw it away

It has three buttons which answer different questions related to the book.It’s fun answering them with the baby each time the story gets complete.Also each story gets over with in ten minutes so you don’t have to wait long for the stories to get complete.



Music is soothing and quite chirpy  but when I put the third book in the book reader it reads the second book only.This was the only dissapointment which I came across.So if you happen to buy it in the toy store then do check all the books before buying it.


Here are its three books.My favourite is in the garden

Reader is sturdy and no matter how may times your baby throws it (not too harshly), it stays intact.



Also, this reader will actually be helpful and one of those rare things which will stay in your house till you baby is 4-5 yrs or more.

Have you tried My First Story reader? My husband got this from U.S .I don’t know if any Indian site keeps it.If it does, do let me know


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