My Weight Loss Journey After Pregnancy With PCOS

From the desperation of getting pregnant to the delivery of baby and then taking care of a new born – a woman’s body goes through a lot. During my pregnancy, I had whole lot of time to take care of my body but that time I was supposed to not to lose weight and now when I have my baby there is no time to reduce weight.I wonder how all those lucky women are able to reduce weight in just 4-5 months and get back to their previous shape.

Well! I knew I won’t be the lucky one and will have to struggle hard for it and that is the reason I have started taking things seriously. I gained a total of 14-15kg after pregnancy. I wish I could have reduced 4-5 kgs before conceiving but that time it was pregnancy which was all there in my mind.

I have shed about 8 Kgs now and I haven’t done much to lose it other than trying unsuccessfully to follow a healthy diet and constantly worrying:D. I do eat lots of vegetables and fruits but as I am breastfeeding, I eat a lot – especially night binging. Still I have managed to restrain myself from following stuff :-

What I am not able to resist:

  • Often end up eating sweet stuff which some how reached my home although I never buy it myself
  • Unhealthy biscuits.
  • I eat in one go and want to stick to small meals which I am not able to do so.

What I have been eating mostly

  • Many rotis as they makes me feel full
  • Lots of variety of vegetables
  • Lots of eggs and fruits
  • Lots of steamed veg momos

I know I have to reduce weight other wise I will be back to my PCOS which I seriously don’t want to. Purpose of this post is to share you my journey of weight loss as I am making constant effort  by motivating myself and trying to take out time for gym.Five months after my C section, I have started to accept my body and started feeling better about my self. I have joined a near-by gym and make sure that I go there atleast 4-5 days a week. Going their gives me a break from my whole day busy schedule and ofcourse makes me feel lot better.

According to my doctor I should  start exercising only after six months (from C section) and this is the reason I have only doing aerobics, treadmills and cycling which I think is how one should start with initially. One hardly has stamina and to bring it back these exercises do help.

I will be sharing all the diet plan which will be provided to me by my trainer and will be sharing with you my weekly achievements
Though this blog I want to bring together women who believe that they can get back into previous or even better shape in spite of having a C section and PCOS too.

Do share your weight loss journey after pregnancy with me .

See yaa next time

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