Natural Childbirth

There are a few different definitions used with the term natural childbirth. In one way, natural childbirth means having a vaginal delivery, as opposed to needing a Cesarean section. Another way in which natural childbirth is used is to describe childbirth where no pain relieving medications are utilized. This article will discuss various factors relating to the latter. Natural childbirth used to be the way to go in years past when pain relieving medications for women in labor were nonexistent. Currently, women who give birth are met with a number of options relating to pain relief during labor. Still, others opt to go the natural way for a variety of reasons.

Reasons to Choose Natural Childbirth as Opposed to Other Pain Relieving Options

The fact remains that childbirth is not without pain and exertion. However, there are a number of reasons why women choose to have their babies in a natural state and refuse any pain medications to help them along in the process. One reason for choosing to have natural childbirth is not wanting to have any of the drugs reach the baby. Although the medications which are used for this purpose are mostly safe ones in this respect, the baby may be a bit drowsy from any effects of the drugs and for this reason some moms-to-be opt to go the natural route.

Another reason to have natural childbirth is to prevent the drugs from affecting the mom-to-be. These medications may also make the mother drowsy thereby preventing the ability to push to one’s maximum potential which can draw the labor out. Some women would rather have a natural childbirth that is quicker rather than have a long, medicated one.

A third reason why women may choose natural childbirth is so that they will be able to have their baby in the comfort of their own home where pain relieving medications of this sort will not be available to them. If the woman wants to have the baby in this manner with the assistance of a midwife, the expectant mother will have to choose to forego the possibility of any pain medications during the birthing experience. For some women, being able to have the baby at home is worth the refusal of any medications.

One last reason why some women wish to have their children delivered in a manner that is absent from any pain medications is simply because they feel it is more natural this way. Some moms-to-be want to experience the entire childbirth process without having their senses dulled by any type of medication. For these individuals, a little pain is well worth it.

When to Make This Decision

About one or two months prior to the expected delivery date, the expectant mother’s obstetrician will ask whether or not they have thought about having natural childbirth or possibly taking advantage of pain medications to get through the childbirth process. They shouldn’t force an answer out of the mom-to-be at that time but simply ask if any thought has been given to the topic. There will be time for the mom-to-be to mull it over if unsure and upon admission into the hospital, so long as the women is having the baby there, the staff will inquire as to whether or not these medications should be available. It is best to have a decision formed at that time as there is a certain cut off point at a specific dilation where the laboring woman is unable to receive certain pain medications for safety reasons. If any childbirth classes had been attended in the months prior to delivery, the expectant mother would have received a large amount of information regarding what each medication does, when it can be administered and any possible side effects thereof. By having this information in advance, one is adequately prepared to decide whether or not to choose to have their baby in a natural childbirth state.

Who Is Natural Childbirth Best Suited For?

There is no particular type of woman that should or shouldn’t try natural childbirth. Even the strongest woman in the world could be crying like a baby while the more timid of women would go through natural childbirth as if it were nothing. There is no way to tell how a particular woman will deal with childbirth. It is different for everyone and simply a personal decision as to whether or not the expectant mom wants to go this route. There is no right or wrong decision, it is simply a choice.

Natural childbirth is a wonderful experience that will not be easy but is highly rewarding. Whether the expectant mother chooses to pursue natural childbirth or wants to have the option to utilize pain medications, either one is the right choice if it is made by the woman experiencing the birth of their child.


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