Nishi Grover- Lose A Kilo A Week

When Shweta told me about the new weight loss book she is reading, I got really excited and ordered it for myself that very day and flipkart with its speedy delivery, delivered the book next day itself.


About Nishi Grover Book Lose A Kilo :-

Nishi Grover is a renowned dietician with over three decades of experience in the fitness and nutrition. She has had over 700 clients and a clinic based in South Delhi. Lose a Kilo a Week is her first book.

In the book Grover provides simple, logical, and result-oriented, weight loss mantras. The book stresses on time, right portions, quality, and mind control. This book claims to be packed with tips, diets, and charts to track your weight loss journey

  • Price – INR 250

I am thoroughly enjoying reading this book. It has few interesting tips which I liked and was unaware of. For instance  I always thought that every dish – be it soup or any curry requires  at least 1 tsp of oil no matter how good the vessel you cook in. Her tip of cooking in water tomato and onion is awesome.

All you have to do is get a good non stick pan. In that, pour bit of water and chuck in onions, garlic and what ever else you want.Saute on a low flame till they are cooked.If the water dries up you can add little more.You have to keep stirring so that the masala doesn’t get burnt.

so this is actually cooking without oil.I tried making broccoli soup without oil although it wasn’t yummy but it wasn’t bad at all. I even gave it to my six month old baby Anvika and she too had 3- 4 spoons which really excited me.



I am going to hopefully (follow) this book for a month and will get back to you if I get sucecssful. It has a detox plan which I am really afraid of. I hope Nishi Grover helps me succeed in it .



Even if I don’t succeed, at least the book is keeping me motivated in my weight loss journey .I am going to share some “absolutely no oil recipes” with you soon .

Have you read any weight loss book which has actually helped you in losing weight ?



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