Normal Or Cesarean Delivery?

Now that I am in my 38th week of pregnancy I can be a good example for those who are working hard and hoping for a normal delivery.Throughout my pregnancy I have been pretty active and never missed walking but  still as every one says that there is no magic wand or guarantee for 100% normal delievery which upset me a bit .I seriously don’t want my hard work to go waste.

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My current routine- For Normal Pregnancy :-

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Since the end of my 37th week I have been walking one and half hour minimum and doing exercise prescribed by the doctor.It takes lot of effort at this point of time when Delhi’s  temperature is 40 degree C and with 3kg of weight in under my belly .But my father really supports me and stay besides me all the time during my walks which makes the effort bearable.

It’s makes a lot of difference if you stay with your family or with some loved ones during this period.Their love and support eases out lot of stress.No amount of phone calls can give you that much of upliftment as few loving person beside you all the time.My husband was a good support but as he use to go to office I use to feel all alone and depressed during the first trimester which is the most difficult time and now I think if I should  have called my loved ones in my first trimester  then things would have been pretty easy.

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Coming to the Normal delievery effort which I am  taking now or have taken throughout my pregnancy:-

  • Everyone suggest you to take balanced diet excluding of junk food which  include cold drink , icecreams, pastries etc :O.Throughout my pregnancy I have kept the intake of these things really low.In one week I use to keep Sunday as the day when I  would let my self binge and  rest of the time I use to have Indian bread(chapati),bit of rice, lots of salad and fruits and drink water as much as possible.Right now I have maggi and burger craving all the time but still I try not to indulge .
  • Since fifteen days I have been doing gentle exercises to keep my body flexible especially from the pelvic reason.
  • Most of the times I keep myself  happy and stress free.
  • Practicing deep breathing exercise – I won’t say I have been regular with deep breathing through out but since a month I am doing it.
  • In India elderly people advise us to mop floor. I can’t believe but I have done that also but not regularly.
  • My gyna asked me to do Kegal and squatting which I have been doing since my eight month.
  • I am not afraid of pain but bit scared about the whole process and have stopped watching all the baby birth you tube videos.They are scary indeed.
  •  I am writing this post so that when my baby arrive I can update you whether my hard work paid up or not

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    Don’t forget to share your Normal /Cesarean experience .Also,do share tips for normal pregnancy if you have any

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