Nuby Disposal Wet Wipes Review

Nuby Disposal Wet Wipes


The review today is for the most basic thing for my little baby. Wet wipes are something that is most required, especially in the age group of 0-3 month. As, you can’t give a wash to your baby’s every poo and pee. Thus, I came across Nuby Disposal Wet Wipes that proved to be the best among all. Hope the review helps you the select the best for your little one as well.



About Nuby Disposal Wet Wipes:

Nuby Disposable Wet Wipes Pack is specially designed to soothe the soft and delicate skin of the babies. Made from extra soft, extra thick fabric, Nuby Baby Wipes go through extensive Dermatological testing to ensure that the wipes are free from fungi and bacteria that can cause skin irritation and discomfort.

1. This product is not filled any alcohol content (ie) Alcohol Free
2. This Wipes are filled in with Jojoba Oil
3. It is Dermatological tested and proved
Recommended Age: Birth +.

Price: Rs.150 for 80 piece



My view about Nuby Disposal Wet Wipes:

Nuby Disposal Wet Wipes comes in an as usual wet wipes pack, but the packet is very colourful. I bought the one with 80 pieces, as I need them in lot and also the price compared to others was cheap.

The wipes don’t irritate my little baby’s skin, in fact not even on my new born baby. Thus, it is totally safe even for the use for your newborns. They have good amount of wet that is useful to wipe easily and doesn’t need lot of them. The resealing of the wipes is wonderful that ensures that you don’t lose the moisture after every use and the wetness remains in the wipes. This has Jojoba oil that gently cleanses my little one’s skin by nourishing and moisturising it. The wipes are of extra soft fabric that is best suitable for every sensitive skin and safe to use. They are also free from alcohol and fragrance. I have used them on my baby’s face and whole body.

But, the best thing I liked about this that makes it different from others is the way it cleans the potty area due to its awesome texture. This makes it very convenient and wipes the area in a very best way. This also helps to cool the wiped area in a very gentle and safe way.



What I like about Nuby Disposal Wet Wipes :

  • Has jojoba oil
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Alcohol free
  • Safe to use
  • Cleans, nourishes and moisturises baby skin
  • Fragrance free
  • Budget friendly
  • Travel friendly
  • Easy on the baby’s skin.
  • Nicely moistened
  • Good re-sealable cover
  • Suitable for new born babies.

What I dont like about Nuby Disposal Wet Wipes:

  • None

Rating: 5/5

Will I buy Nuby Disposal Wet Wipes?

Yes, of course, in fact I am surely not going to use other wet wipes for my baby. This has proven to be the best and lived up to all it claims. Also the price is best among all other brand.

Have you tried Nuby Disposal Wet Wipes?

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