Nuby Easy-Grip Fork and Spoon Starter Set Review

 Nuby Easy-Grip Fork and Spoon Starter Set Review

With growing age, the demands and needs also change. I used Mee Mee Feeding spoons initially then my daughter was below one year. But later on, the food quantity it picked up was not sufficient. So I stopped using it.

But, when she started realizing the use of spoon she would snatch those steel spoons from us and would try using them. So, in came this Nuby Starter Set for toddlers. The pack had 2 pairs of Fork and Spoon. I had put only one set to use and preserved the other for later use when she spoils this one pair. :-P.

I shifted home recently and I cannot find the other pair of spoon. Baah. Forget saving; looks like I have lost that another pair of spoon and fork.

Well, this Nuby spoon and fork set comes in bright poppy colors. It is definitely made attractive for a toddler’s sight. My baby picked this up for the bright red color, I am sure. When she is showing interest in eating, it is my duty to make it enjoyable for her. This starter set definitely is a perfect choice.

The quality of the product is very high. The handle is soft and gives good grip in holding for the baby. The spoon has a small angle which makes easy picking of the food. This way the baby is motivated to self-feed. The spoon edges are soft and blunt and hence no chance of hurting. An eating tool perfectly designed for a baby starter. The food does not fall off easily once picked up.

Well, the fork is not of great help till date. She does ask for fork when I give her banana or papaya cubes. But she still struggles with apple cubes. :-P. After lot of trying she will throw the fork, and also the bowl of apple cubes.

I have been using this set for my daughter for very long now, over a year. This has been very handy and easy too. Nothing has happened to the color or texture or quality.

Price: Between Rs.300 to 400. Cannot recall now. Product is on discount on Amazon India and can be bought in just INR 135 .

Rating: definitely 5/5.

Have you tried Nuby Easy-Grip Fork and Spoon Starter Set ?

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