Pacifier Series (Part 1): Dos and Don’ts Of Using A Pacifier/ Soother

Pacifier Series (Part 1): Dos and Don’ts Of Using A Pacifier/ Soother

Hello everyone,

Today I shall talk about a very common and most talked thing called PACIFIER or SOOTHER. These have been a topic of discussion over the years and there is lot of confusion about it, It they are good for babies or bad!

We have decided to do a four parts series about Pacifiers. There are a lot of questions and myths about it. Mothers are usually in two minds whether they should use a pacifier or not?

We have decided to do a Four Part series about pacifiers and covering  topics like popular myths regarding pacifiers, do’s and don’ts about using a pacifier, How to wean your child off a pacifier and pros & cons about using pacifier.

Today I shall talk about Dos and Don’ts about using a pacifier, but before that let me tell you that my daughter was on the pacifier for about over a year. I went for pacifiers because I could not breast feed her properly. I could just breast feed only for a month and then I could not produce enough milk to feed her. A child breast feeds to soothe oneself and since I did not have any other option, so we decided to go in for pacifiers.

Lets us now talk about Dos and DON’Ts about Pacifiers:

Mentally accept that the weaning process isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

When using a pacifier, you really need to make up your mind that the process of weaning is going to be difficult. No matter how old your baby might be, 1 or 2 or 3 years old, but weaning off your baby from a pacifier is going to be very difficult.

Sterilize, Sterilize, Sterilize…. And did I mention Sterilize??

Sterilization is of utmost importance. Sterilize the pacifier on a daily basis or multiple times a day, depending upon the number of pacifiers you have.

Always keep Spare Pacifiers at Hand

Please keep spare pacifiers. If your child is exclusively on pacifiers then it becomes all the more important to have spare pacifiers, because your child might need a pacifier any moment and just in case if one is getting sterilized you can give your child the other pacifier and prevent a painful situation.

Wait till your baby is at least 6 weeks old before introducing a pacifier to reduce chances of nipple confusion.

Introducing pacifiers to an newborn right from the beginning is not the right thing to do. A newborn is already confused about how to feed just as a mom is confused how to breast feed her baby. It is always a good idea to wait until the baby gets a hand in feeding and becomes comfortable before introducing pacifiers, this will also prevent the baby from getting con fused, what many call ‘Nipple Confusion’.

Use an orthodontic pacifier to prevent chances of any dental issues with your baby.

Always use an orthodontic pacifier for your baby. Though not in cases of very small babies but babies may get bug teeth if they use an odd shaped pacifier. The slant shaped nipple is ideal for babies and will prevent the bug teeth.

Buy a Pacifier which has a lid and clip-on attachments.

Without a string attachment, the pacifier might fall every now and then since the baby at the beginning do not have good grips. The lid too is necessary on the pacifiers. When you are travelling or moving with your baby, a lid comes in handy and keeps the germs away from the pacifier.

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Do not fill/coat the soother with honey or juice. It can cause infections.

This trend was followed especially in the old days. Filling up honey in a soother is not a good idea, honey itself is actually not allowed for babies in early days since it comes adulterated these days. Moreover filling it up with juices etc may cause risks of infections.

Remove the Soother from your child’s mouth once he/she is asleep to reduce chances of addiction.

My pediatrician too suggested this to me. Once the baby is asleep remove the pacifier gently so as to reduce chances of addiction.

So mummies, this was all about DOS and DON’T s with regard to usage of Pacifiers, I hope this was helpful.

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