Pampers Active Baby Diapers Review


Pampers Active Baby Diapers

Hello mommies,

I am back with a review and this time its diaper review. I am sure you all must be searching for a review for a best diaper that will suit your baby. Thus, today I thought of sharing my though on Pampers Active baby diapers.

For the initial 2 months of my bay is avoided using any disposable diapers indoors. I used them only while going out. But, as the rainy season started, I didn’t want her to get cold and feel wet every time that also spoilt her sleep as well

Diaper is a recurrent cost for all the parents and thus it requires us to select the best and comfortable ones that are pocket-friendly as well. And to add this what can it be better than Pampers that doesn’t need to be introduced. This is the most popular brands among all parents for disposable diapers. Trust me this will save all your work for (poo and pee). Let’s check the reason why do I say so!



About Pampers Active Baby Diapers:

While your baby is learning to stand, he falls and topples more than he actually stands. All this pressure on the diaper could put his skin in contact with wetness which can cause interruptions and take away all the fun! Now, Pampers Active Baby has an Extra Dry Layer that prevents urine from coming back to the top sheet. This allows Pampers Active Baby to keep your baby dry, even under pressure, so he can play uninterruptedly. Pampers Active Baby disposable diapers flexes to fit where your baby needs it most. Now your baby will be able to crawl up to 1000m in only half an hour.

Price: 46 Pieces for Rs.599

Sizes available:

  • Size NB: up to 5 kg
  • Size S: 3 – 8 kg
  • Size M: 6 – 11 kg
  • Size L: 9 – 14 kg
  • Size XL: 12 +   kg



My views about Pampers Active Baby Diapers:

I initially started with NB size diapers from pampers active and now using the SMALL size as my baby is 3 months old. You can choose them as per the weight of your little one. Make sure that it fits well and is non- allergic.

Pampers Active baby diapers have the best absorption capacity. The pee-poo doesn’t leaks from the sides if you choose the correct size as per the weight. You just need to change 4-5 diapers per day to keep your baby dry. I will advise you to use a diaper rash cream twice a day, just for a precaution purpose. This obviously doesn’t cause any rash or irritation, but some babies have very sensitive skin, so this can be a good preventive measure.

Pampers Active Baby claims up to 12 hours of the dryness and this is actually true. Even if you forget to change at night while sleeping, this will not leak and hold good. My baby looks very happy and comfortable wearing these diapers!



Rather than Using a cheaper diaper that needs to be changed many times, this disposable diaper though a little costlier needs very few changes a day. Some diapers also can overflow the watery poo if kept for longer time or babies suffering from diarrhoea. But, this is defiantly the one that will not leak from sides at all. It has an extra-locking layer that locks the wetness and maintains dryness. This keeps my bay skin soft and smooth without causing any rashes or infections. This has 5-Star Skin Protection that is made especially for the baby’s sensitive skin. It also has goodness of aloe lotion that prevents

Diaper rash. The texture of the diaper is very cottony and soft that doesn’t irritate the baby. The cover is Breathable and lets Air circulate in the baby’s skin. This doesn’t have any fragrance that ensures total safety even for newborns.



What I like about Pampers Active Baby Diapers:

  • Absorbs too good
  • Doesn’t cause rash or allergy
  • Different size to suit all weight
  • No fragrance
  • Cottony texture
  • God breathable cover
  • Can stay for 12 hours without leakage
  • Doesn’t leak

What I don’t like about Pampers Active Baby Diapers:

  • Price can be a problem for some,

I will recommend this instead of the other cheaper ones that need regular change. This will surely save loads of money if you calculate and also is totally safe for you little ones.

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried Pampers Active Baby Diapers?

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