Pao Pao Art & Music Book ( Art & Activity For Kids) + Video

Pao Pao Art & Music Book ( Art & Activity For Kids) + Video

Hello Mommies,

Today I am back again with another interesting video from the Mom & Baby Youtube Channel. It is not any product review but actually something which will develop an interest in doing creative activities in toddlers. Usually, what happens that if you plan to do any activity with your kid and later realize that the essentials like cardboard, tissues or glue is missing or finished so you are left with no other option than to skip that particular activity!

I got this activity set from the famous Delhi Book Fair which is held every year and I even shared this in my Pragati Maidan Book Haul for toddlers Video.

About Pao Pao Art & Music Book

This is basically a level based activity for toddlers with levels starting as A, B & C. The level A is mainly the beginner level and has several activities which enable toddlers to do various things learning about different animals, their appearances, recognition and hand & eye co-ordination etc. All the levels have several individual sheets which are done in a proper order to make the toddler proceed in a step by step manner.

These levels have coloring, cutting pasting and drawing activities which develops an interest in the toddlers & kids and enables them to learn new things in a fun way.

The best thing about these activity sheets is that these have all the essential requirements like tissues, glue, color, pen etc.and you don’t have to worry about any item which may go missing at the last moment. This is something which every parent would love to do with their kids as it makes them do this fun learning activity at their own comfort with their parents.

I usually do this with my daughter twice a week and she is really looking forward to do more of these sheets. This is also helpful for those who prefer homeschooling for their kids.

The activity box has certain guidelines and necessary information for doing the activity and parents can just read it once and with the help of their kids proceed in a step by step way to do each of the sheets provided. The guide is mainly a handout for the teachers who demonstrate the steps to the whole class of kids and they follow the steps accordingly.

Among several books and stuff in Delhi Book Fair, I really liked these colorful activity boxes for encouraging creative ideas in kids which will further develop a liking for these things.

For a detailed look at the insides of this activity box, do watch the video below! If you wish to see more creative stuff like this for kids & toddlers, the do subscribe and let us know!  

Have you tried Pao Pao Art Book for your kid?

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